Blogs are good. Who knew?

Late to the technology party as I am, I am having such a good time exploring this crazy newfangled blog thing on the internets.

Up til now I was pretty much limited to a few political blogs, and the guilty pleasure that is Pink is the New Blog. I assumed that personal blogs were just navel-gazing at best. At worst, they were an opportunity for people who had no business calling themselves writers to cheat real writers out of feeling special at cocktail parties.

I stand corrected, as you can see from my ever-growing link list.

If you’ve got a favorite momblog that I’m missing, don’t be shy. I’m on the hunt and hungry for new meat. However fair warning, I’m not a fan of the whiny I-hate-my-husband blogs; the I’m-45-but-wanna-be-
a-homegirl blogs; or the Dear Diary blogs: Today I waited for the plumber for an hour. Then I ate some melba toast. Then I picked up Chloe at daycare and stopped at the Pathmark for more melba toast.

If you’re already on my link list, it’s my way of saying I wish your blog were mine.

Ass-kissing over for the day. Carry on.

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