Can I get a refund?

Thalia turned 7 months yesterday and clearly she hasn’t been reading the babycenter weekly emails. She is supposed to be sipping from a two-handled cup, cutting her first teeth, sleeping through the night, and lining up all her toys so that she might sort them by size.

She does however have an extensive vocabulary. By my count she already has 8 words:

  1. aiii
  2. eeeeee
  3. aiieeeee
  4. dadadada
  5. plalalala
  6. hatahata
  7. plllllfffftttt
  8. babataiieeeeaiyiyi
  9. the mermaid name Darryl Hannah uttered in Splash, causing all the glassware in Bloomingdales to shatter. It’s a very powerful word–it also caused an entire generation to name their daughters Madison.
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