I’m official! Hooray!

Just when I thought this Mercury retrograde thing was going to kick my butt all month, something wonderful has happened. I mean, really wonderful.

I got my first pornographic google hits.

Oh halleluja! Oh frabjous day!

I have regarded those older, wiser bloggers from afar, enviously devouring their pee-your-pants-funny posts about the wayward souls who found themselves at a mommyblog through a google search gone awry. I had always hoped that one day, I too would be worthy enough to entrap some unsuspecting letch here on his way to a barely legal web cam site. And now, that day has come. My sweet little baby blog has become a woman.

What was the term, you ask? What did some horny young lad type into that little google or msn or yahoo search box that accidentally brought him stumbling into Mom-101?

free porn step dad and mom

Like a lonely old lady with a pie on the windowsill and no one to share it with but my cats, I am delighted that this gentleman was able to pop over for a visit, however accidental. Had I been awake and online at 4:42 AM when he was here, I would have offered him some chamomile tea, asked him how things were in his part of New Jersey. Maybe even ask him what would have compelled him to click on a parenting blog in the first place. Reverse the situation: If I’m doing a search for wordy but occasionally amusing mom blog, do I stop on the way at steamycoedfantasy.com? Okay, maybe I do. But you get my point.

Apparently I attract quite a few of the Oedipally oriented. Because unbeknownst to me, I have also welcomed visitors looking for:

mature mom porn
do my mom porn
naked mom
i love my mom biggest boob

And my favorite:

porn big milk feeding mom

This last gentleman evidently hung around for multiple page views. He must have stumbled onto the nursing bra photos.

I must admit I did have a bit of a giggle with:

fudgie the whale how to make

until I realized it was not some gay bestiality query, but an honest search for a Carvel ice cream cake that I had indeed written about here.

So if you are one of my surprise guests today, if you have found your way here circuitously via a search for adult diaper fetish or sexy postpartum cellulite, welcome one and all. We do not discriminate here at Mom-1o1.

Just don’t touch anything.

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