The Perfect Post, Second only to the Perfect Schtup

A Perfect Post

Blog contests, schmog contests. I’m not a huge fan. Unless I’m winning one in which case Hoorah for blog contests! Love em! I want to shirk all responsibilities, strip down to my underwear and roll around on my bed in blog contests all day long!

But this one is different. It’s called A Perfect Post and it was started by two people who seem to get it.

Essentially any blogger can give the award to any other blogger’s post from the past month. In this case, I’m that any blogger, and that other blogger is the lovely Ms. Blog Antagonist. I fell in love with her amazing essay (calling it post seems to diminish it), North and South which I easily read four times when she posted it on March 25. It’s a beautifully crafted and hilarious reflection on the “yawning chasm of cultural divergence” between she and her Southern, cowboy hat-wearing, stree-ked meat eating husband back in their early days together.

Go. Read. Enjoy. Comment.

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