Two-fer Tuesday

I wasn’t going to post today because I already have a post at Suburban Turmoil (where I still want you to go now now now NOW) but I have something I just can’t resist sharing.

I call this Why I Love My Man.

You see I forwarded Nate this nice little write-up I found about my blog (which you do or don’t have to read) and this was his email response to me, verbatim:

THAT SUCKS!!!!!!!!

I hate it when underground cool things that I like get discovered,
and then everyone’s all like “yeah, I’ve liked them since they first
came out….”, but then I’m like “no way man, I liked them before
they even came out, and when they were just forming”, and then
they’re like “oh yeah? Well I liked them before they even thought of
the idea, from when they were still in school”, so then I’m all
“yeah, that’s nothing, I’ve liked them from before they were even
born, we were friends in Heaven, and I promised to be their first fan
when we were on Earth and they started up” and then they’re like
“Yeah, but….” and then I slit their throat with a straight razor,
and they’re all “aaagghhaaaarrraaablllllllllaaaaaagggggggrrrrraaaaa” so then I win…..

But in your case I’ve [profane act removed] you more recently than anyone else has (that I know of), so I win #1 fan by default…..

Is he awesome or what?

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