I’m going to hell.

Although wait, Jews don’t have hell.

So I’m going to wherever would be really really bad according to Jews. Like Iran. Or community college.

I thought Nate took care of arranging catsitting. He thought I took care of arranging catsitting. You can see where this is going, right?

Five days after leaving town, we managed to track down a neighbor to whom we are now very much indebted. Because substantial though Desdemona may be, I don’t know that she could survive off her own fat stores indefinitely.

The neighbor fed the cat. He watered the cat. He has not called about the cat. I will take this as one of those no news/good news situations.

I’m so sorry Desi. Even though you suck in a million ways, this is not some sort of subconscious means of offing you and replacing you with a kinder, gentler feline. I swear.

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