Everything You Need to Know About Me You Can Learn From My Toolbar

1996: What’s a toolbar?

: Adweek, Adweak, IMDB, The New York Times, the New York Times Crossword, Yahoo Games

2001: Match.com, Writers Guild East, Gotham Writers Workshop, Media Bistro, Bloomsbury Press, Daily Candy, Zagat, Travelocity, Conde Nast Traveler, boggler, Yahoo Games

2004: Talking Points Memo, Daily Kos, Wesley Clark Meetup, Code Pink, Salon, Slate, New York Times, Yahoo Games

Early 2005: Urban Baby Message Boards, Babycenter, Babystyle registry, Babies R Us registry, safe fetus, kelly mom, six custom announcement sites, New York Times, Yahoo Games

Mid-2006: Blogger, Technorati, Sitemeter, Bloglines, Neomail, Flickr, Photobucket, BlogAds, BlogHer, cool mom picks, chbm.


Hey look! I made up a meme, didn’t I? It sort of looks that way. Wow, my first made-up meme. I almost feel like Kristen.

Which means…your turn. That is, if you have the time. And if you’re not too good for that sort of thing. Snotface.

Tell us how your toolbar (OR favorites – same difference, sheesh) on your browser has evolved through the years. No fair cheating to make yourself look cooler, either.

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