Fun Facts about North Carolina!

1) North Carolina geography includes the Appalachian Mountains, which is home to Appalachian State University, which has made the single best recruitment video ever in the history of higher education.

2) North Carolina is home to minor league baseball team, the Ashville Tourists. How awesome is it that the visiting fans get to scream “bunch of fucking tourists” at the home team?

3) North Carolina towns includes Frying Pan Landing, Sandy Mush, Lizard Lick, Whynot, and Climax.

4)The state blue berry is the blueberry. There was stiff competition in the category.

5)Famous North Carolinians include Soupy Sales, Clay Aiken and Gallagher. Famous racist North Carolinians include Jesse Helms.

6)Since every state should honor its own man-eating vegetation, the official carnivorous plant of North Carolins is the Venus Flytrap.

7) There is an exit off rte 40 E called Jones Sausage Road. I know because I passed it this morning.

8)North Carolina is where I’ll be spending the next week, on a gorgeous beach, recovering from the past three weeks of work-induced madness in L.A. I will be with Nate, with Thalia, and with twenty (20) members of Nate’s family. These family members include his dad who I will meet for the first time, and who refers to Thalia as Althea.

Yes, we are staying in a separate hotel.

Yes, any interesting details will follow.


edited to add: In the spirit of full disclosure, I had originally referred to Senator Helms as both dead and racist when, indeed, he is only racist. In my vacation-compromised head I had created one crazy amalgam of Jesse Helms and Strom Thurmond who are more or less the same person anyway. Mea culpa.

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