He Said/They Said

Watching fireworks behind an 8 year-old seeing fireworks for the first time:



“Wow, what if this were a video game!”

“Hey, what if they landed in your hand and exploded on you!”

Watching fireworks behind a 30 year-old comedy writer and his writing partner:



“I bet this is what they make the Al Qaeda guys watch so that they’re like, Aw, America? Not so bad after all.”

“Hello, Alberto Gonzalez? Wanna get rid of all those Guantanamo lawsuits? Have we got an idea for you…”

Watching fireworks behind a 30 (ahem) year-old bleeding heart blogger:

“You know, when I was in Bosnia I asked whether they had some kind of parade to celebrate their Independence Day and my friend responded, ‘No, of course not. This country doesn’t have any money to pay for a parade. If we had that money we’d feed people instead.’ We’re really lucky. Let’s not forget it.”

“Also? That one that looked like jellyfish? That was awesome.”


Hope you all had a great Fourth, whatever your perspective.

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