So many links, so little time

There’s that old adage about those who can, do; and those who can’t, teach. Which sucks. I hate that adage. It makes me mad. But that’s not my point. It’s just a wordy, roundabout (surprising for me, I know) way of saying that those who can, blog; and those who are planning a little family gathering-turned-oh shit everyone I know is coming birthday party on Saturday…link.

*If you do not read Sam at Problem Child Bride, this post alone should convert you. I’m only worried that once you go there, my blog will seem very, very unfunny. Then again, that’s what Nate says every day and he has never read Sam, so who knows.

*This amazing post at 8 Hours takes about 60 seconds to devour, but stays with you for hours. Sort of like reverse Chinese food.

*Kevin met a bear. I hope I didn’t just give away the ending.

*Dutch at Sweet Juniper has put together the most unbelievably comprehensive list of toddler-appropriate material available on youtube as an alternative to the boobtube. I wish he’d get it into its own website so we could plug it on Cool Mom Picks.

*A very nice lady who does cool stuff like adopt children also takes the time to acknowledge a blogger she likes every week. And I’m not just saying so because she picked me this time. I got to do a little interview and everything. So official with her fancy logo!

May the force be with you.

(I’m thinking of bringing that back. What do you think? That or nanu-nanu.)

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