The Rule of Thirty-Sevens

Back when I took improv classes (aka Mom-101 totally not being funny, but on stage. In front of people. People not laughing.) we learned the brilliant Rule of Thirty-Sevens.

The idea is that if you say something that’s not that funny, say it again. Then again. Then again. At first you’ll annoy people, but by the 37th time, they’ll be rolling on the floor.

We took this to heart last night as NerdCon turned into NippleCon.

It all started with Catherine’s excellent use of the free pasties yesterday.

(Okay, as an aside here – free pasties. For real. If you had to make a joke about what schwag they’d give out at an all women’s conference, wouldn’t it be feminine hygiene products and pasties?)

Of course the sheep that the rest of us are all like, we want to wear pasties too, Catherine! We want to be just like you! And so, since retarded seventh grade behavior loves company pretty much even more than misery, we all donned our Nippies: Patch of Freedom and headed out to the cocktail party by the pool.

After all, we’re moms. How often do we get to go out wearing our good pasties?

Catherine is a fabulous star.
Liz is a delicate butterfly
The pregnant Kristen is pretty in pink pasties. (It’s O’Douls, I promise.)

I’m never washing my right boob again.

The Postpartum Spice Girls: Crampy Spice, Leaky Spice, and Epidural Spice

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