Next Thing You Know, I’ll Be Moving to a Nice Condo in Boca

Some days you just feel old. Like when a coworker says, “Blondie? Wasn’t she like the Tiffany of her generation?”

Old. I’m old old old old old.


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  1. Oh yeah? When I was coming to work today on the subway, there was a group of young college girls standing near me. One of them gently tapped me on the shoulder. Then, she said, “Excuse me, sir. Does this train stop at 59th Street?” SIR? Do I look like a SIR? Goddamn, that made me feel old!

  2. Surely you jest? right? I mean it’s impossible that someone you work with doesn’t know who blondie is….. ISN”T IT IMPOSSIBLE?Shit! I’m old old old old too.

  3. What?! Blondie? In comparison to Tiffany? WTF?!?!I once gave some twerp at Best Buy a ration of shit for not knowing Rush (the band, not the blowhard). He wasn’t going to make me feel old – I was going to make him feel ignorant!

  4. Precisely why I avoid anyone under 30. The “Tiffany of her generation”???@!Ugh! I too am old as the hills, old as dust.I was born a million decades ago…

  5. I would think someone would be embarrassed to admit they remembered Tiffany. And I still have Blondie on my playlist.

  6. Sigh, MJ: < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Tiffany<>Sigh, Emery Jo: < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Blondie<>

  7. Not old. Wise. There’s wisdom in learning that hearts are made of glass and discovering when it’s okay to call somebody.

  8. You shouldn’t feel old Liz, but your coworker should sign up for a major crash course in musical history, especially punk/new wave music. If she had compared Blondie to Gwen Stefani that would be fine, but Tiffany!!!!! Puh-leeze.

  9. I share your pain. When listening to the radio with my daughter i’m always saying something like “hey, this is a remake of a Rod Stewart song!”“Who?” she replies.Argggh.

  10. Man, if I was there I would have smacked said co-worker. Comparing Blondie to Tiffany.Puh-leez.Now I must go and dye my gray hairs.

  11. That album rocks! And I mean album… You know, those vinyl things we used to play on a “record player”…. Now did you wind those up or plug them in?… lolMy worst “I’m too old” moment came when a little kid asked me, “What is atari?”

  12. We aren’t old – those ignorant youngsters are simply infantile. Sheesh. Tiffany? I might forgive somebody thinking that Deborah Harry’s name was Blondie. Might.

  13. Oh now I feel old too.Metrodad’s comment made me laugh because a teenager called me ma’am last week. Ma’am? Up until that point I thought he was flirting with me.Sigh…

  14. Do you remember who Tiffany Taylor was? I do. I’ll give you a hint- Deborah Harry, on this album cover has the same hair style as her.If you know who Tiffany Taylor is- then you’re OLD!

  15. Not only do I totally second the voices saying Tiffany is no Blondie – what I came in to say, actually, but also to add this gem from the subway the other day:Obnoxious teenaged boy holding court with his two friends, talking about a movie: “He totally starts quoting this Bob Dylan song to the judge. He’s like “I Got You Babe.” I snorted, but kept my mouth shut. But when he started telling the whole thing a second time, I couldn’t contain myself. “Interesting, but that was <>Cher<>, honey.” ‘Oh yeah, yeah, right, right…” Heh.

  16. sorry…. that was the “older” part of my brain reacting to your youthful naiveté. (trust me, when you get to be my age, the crank factor is fairly high)xox

  17. Shut up! Were they twelve? No of course they weren’t because I am old too.I just hired a new employee who is fresh out of school and yesterday she asked me what it was like in the 80’s.

  18. My stepkids torture me all the time when they refer to the bands that played during my era, a.k.a the dark ages to them. I prefer to think of it this way – we may be old, but that just explains our good taste. Like wine, it’s gets better with age. I’ll listen to Blondie anyday over Tiffany (whoever that might be)!

  19. Tiffany = Blondie? Um, no. That’s like saying Debbie Gibson = Joan Jett. And personally, I’d rather be ‘old’ than misinformed and mouthy.

  20. I have to agree with <>girl con queso<> thatTiffany ≠ Blondie.And, uh, I’m not EVEN going to say how old I was when that album came out.(I think that even using the word ‘album’ makes me sound like I’m ready for the land of Depends.)

  21. Back in my youth, when I managed a record store, a kid asked me if Robert Plant had been in any bands before the Honeydrippers. A quick backhand and that little whippersnapper never asked another stupid question. Oh, and you’re REALLY old if you remember when Miss Harry was punk before she became disco. And then went from disco to new wave.

  22. well if being informed on matters of pop culture makes you old then sign me up too! that poor girl… so much to learn.i felt old when I didn’t know or care to even find out what a Holibeck Girl is. I usually don’t want anything to get by me like that, but on that one, I felt it just wasn’t even worth Googling. I still don’t know. Do you? There’s like a whole song about it or maybe it’s even the name of an album…. oh well. Lisa

  23. Tiffany? Your co-worker knows a really narrow window of music if she doesn’t know Blondie but still thinks Tiffany is cool.On my flight last night (tiny prop plane, delayed two hours, thank you US Air), the flight attendant looked about 12 years old, and she was chirping away to a passenger about “OMG! Having tickets to TRL! Inside! This week!”I trying to remember when I was that excited about anything besides getting a full night’s sleep.

  24. I told my 20-year-old babysitter that I didn’t have email in college because THE INTERNET WASN’T INVENTED YET and she looked at me like I had three heads and said, “I had no idea you were THAT OLD.”Sigh.

  25. Tiffany? TIFFANY? Why… sputter, splutter, thpthpthpthp! Words fail me. I’m not sure whether all my spluttering is on account of her comparing Blondie to TIFFANY (for crying out awfully loud!) or just dribbling on account of my great age.One might as well compare a Twinkie to a chocolate eclair. Or Reno to Vegas. Or Disneyland to Paris. One might as WELL compare Stephen Baldwin to Alec. For sheesh, the girl needs educating, that’s all. It isn’t hopeless, I’ve come across these cases before. Isolation, observation and the complete works of Blondie, The Pretenders and Annie Lennox for the first week, moving on to The Velvet Underground etc. the next. And she’s not allowed to go to the mall. Or wear frosted apricot nail-polish, or accent jewellery, or anything frosted apricot for that matter. In a month or so, she’ll be ready to resume her life without making such appalling gaffes.Never worry, what her generation lacks in laughter lines and deepening crows feet, it also lacks in great songstrels. It was FAR better in our day. God, now i really sound old.

  26. Blondie. Tiffany.Cannot compute.Brain! In! Shutdown!You’re not old, you’re SEASONED and EXPERIENCED and that is sexier than teenage muscle tone and perky parts.We are in the prime of our sexuality, we are dewy and wise and fabulous.Or something.Just go slap that girl, will you?

  27. As others have said–Blondie, the Tiffany of her generation? Oh, HELL no! Blondie eats Tiffanies for breakfast!I was chuckling yesterday to hear a young coworker’s phone go off with “Don’t Stop Believing” as the ringtone, until I realized. . . THAT SONG CAME OUT BEFORE SHE WAS BORN. Old. Yeah. I guess I gotta own it now.

  28. Last night the following words flew out of my mouth “Why are these kids out on the street at 9pm on a school night? They should be at home.” And then my head exploded. I agree, Blondie trumps Tiffany. Is it sad or cool that I like them both?

  29. Fukackt comparison aside–the truly painful thing (if you ask me), is that she was actually REACHING BACK IN HER MEMORY for the Tiffany reference.Yowch.

  30. I was visiting in NYC a few months ago and I went into a vintage shop in The Village and realized that I’m vintage. All the stuff on this one rack was stuff I wore. I told my husband, “yep, it’s official, I’m old.”And that Blondie looks fabulous. I saw her a couple years ago.

  31. I saw a Blondie concert in Paris and they freaking rocked. Totally. And the French just LOVED Blondie. So, I’m right there with you. Double old with an old-ass cherry on top.

  32. Justifiable homicide. Not a court in the world that would convict you. I mean, they are your peers by definition.

  33. TIFFANY? OMG NO. She was SO not the “Tiffany” of her generation.(incredibly high, strong voice): Once lala, la heart of glass….I still don’t know what the hell she was saying. But that dame could BELT one out.Tiffany my ass.

  34. dare i admit i grew up in boca?less than a mile from Century Village no lessBWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  35. My sophomore son is writing a comparison paper right now on why Modern Rock is better than Classic Rock.He asked my opinion….I repeat he asked my opinion!So I respond with:“Well..first of all it’s kind of hard to understand a lot of modern rock lyrics vs. singing along to most of classic rocks songs. 2nd I would say that modern rock has a lot more colorful language I have to worry about vs less with classic rockand lastly I would say that with classic rock, you can listen along with your parents because they know these songs and with modern rock…..they only can handle a few of them. Sophomore response:“Mom, I need to know why MODERN ROCK is BETTER than classic NOT classic better than modern.”“Oh….your on your own buddy!!” I am old, old, old, older than you old!!

  36. sweet I LOVED Blondie. I had a miniature version of that album cover from a collectable baseball card like gum product. My friend and I wrote a letter to Blondie deploring her to stop using drugs because we loved her so much and did not want to see her hurt herself. We never got a response.

  37. I was actually googling Holibeck Girl when I ended up here. It was playing on the radio and since I was in front of the computer I thought I’d try to find out because I didn’t have a clue.< HREF="" REL="nofollow">Hollaback Girl<> Then Google asked are you looking for Hollaback Girl and one of the few links that didn’t send me to Gwen Stefani’s lyrics, utube, or something similar, gave the answer it is cheer leader slang. The head cheerleader is the holla leads the chants and the rest are followers, holla backs. < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Urban Dictionary Holla Back Girl<> also says it is slang for a girl that acts like a door mat or booty call when ever the guy wants it and then waits for the guy to caller her back for the next time. I’m a child of the 70’s and 80’s also I met a girl who was about in Jr high or a freshman in California when I was about 20 who argued with me that Thriller was Michal Jackson’s first album.. I’m in my mid 40’s and am still the youngest guy at work, I’ve been there for 20 years.. We got a new Tech who’s a year older but he’s from Sweden so he’s not up on Americanism’s. His wife is fun to talk to because she’s a year younger than I am and we make fun of him. He speaks English quite well but some times miss uses words or doesn’t understand more obscure ones and we have to explain/define them for him.

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