And Once Again I Find Myself Apologizing For My Industry

Some marketing genius at GM has come up with the brilllllliant (feel free not to trill your l there if you’re worried about being called a French sympathizer) idea to hire Sean Hannity as part of its “You’re a Great American” campaign, where he’ll feature new GM cars on his show.

I guess if by “great” they mean an unprincipled, bullying, pathologically lying, slandering, partisan nutjob, then yeah. He’s great. I too tend to associate the word “great” with comments like “it doesn’t say anywhere in this constitution this idea of the separation of church and state.” And his notable response to a dissenter on his show, “is it that you hate George Bush or hate America?”

From the head of sales and marketing at GM:

GM is the biggest advertiser in America and to tell our story we advertise across a tremendously wide array of media trying to connect with all Americans irrespective of ethnic, religious or political affiliations.

The day Randy Rhodes, Bill Maher, or Keith Olbermann are also considered “great” Americans by GM, I might buy this.

Speaking of buying, we need two new cars this year when we move to LA. Hm.


17 thoughts on “And Once Again I Find Myself Apologizing For My Industry”

  1. Tisk, tisk. When are people going to realize that the conservatives do not make up the majority of the population? Why do people constantly patronize and empower this small group of right-wingers? This kind of stuff really kills me.

  2. I’m betting they’ll pull it.And stuff like this has negatively influenced me in the past. I remember a Toyota Solara commercial that completely turned me off – man and woman looking at the car, voice over of a little boy pleading “I really want it! Buy it for me!”, intended to be the man – and even though I think those little cars are cute, I can’t bring myself to buy one.

  3. Ooh!!! Oooh! I know, buy a GM product! Do it or you hate America. Did you also hear about how GM has come under fire for keeping profits earned by its German subsidiary during WWII? The subsidiary which produced much equipment for the nazi war machine? Yeah. There’s that. I guess Sean Hannity is supposed to balance out that angle? I’m seeing some flaws in logic here. Although it is true that the constitution does not have anything about separation of church and state, hate to break it to you. What it says is that “congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion.” Which has been interpreted as separation of church and state, and while I agree with this interpretation, it is, at its base, a true statement that the constitution does not “contain” this idea.

  4. Wow, maybe he’ll break down in his free GM on the way to work. Apparently, ignorance IS bliss here in America.

  5. Yuck. Ugh. Yuck.Sometimes it’s just a bit too much. I want equal time for Jon Stewart. I’d buy a hybrid from HIM. Hear that GM, remember those hybrids….?

  6. Car thought: Bring your car seat when you shop, and see how it works. I loved my Subaru Forester before we had Moon and I had to try and fit her car seat into the back. ;/Probably super-obvious, but it’s the sort of thing I’d forget to think of.

  7. I think I’m gonna barf. But you’re right – if Keith Olbermann were shilling, I’d be buying…

  8. Well, they could have put Alan Colmes on the list, but frankly, he’s just not as good looking. 😉

  9. “Why do people constantly patronize and empower this small group of right-wingers? “Umm, because they have all the money?Take a look at the Highlander Hybrid. If you are doing a lot of city or town driving once you get to LA, it may be what you need.

  10. Ok, two posts that mentioned moving. This year? Really? Can I be happy for you, even though I know you don’t want to move?

  11. and this is why you buy toyota or two…(and yes, i am carpet bombing your blog with comments right now. it’s called “baby’s taking a fucking nap, finally…”)

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