At Least It Wasn’t the EPT Stick

Thalia understands concepts like dinner is ready or Elmo is on. I think there’s a baby girl growing in mommy’s uterus and she’s going to come out in about a month after which you’ll have a sister is just beyond her grasp at 21 months.

Even so, we’ve been trying to prepare her in whatever ways we can, if such a thing is possible. So we bought her a doll stroller yesterday.

Last night, we found her pushing it around the house containing not a doll, not a stuffed animal, not even the brown bag of muffins she had pushed home from the store that morning. Instead, strapped into the seat was this:

Maybe she gets this baby business better than we think?

You may have noticed that this weekend, Mom101 tidied up the place with a wee bit of help. If I was having a boy I’d definitely have to name him Chag.


40 thoughts on “At Least It Wasn’t the EPT Stick”

  1. Ahhhh that was fabulous!!!kgirl: I still have the sticks. I stuck them in my kids baby books. 😉

  2. So cute! Though from here it looks like she may have strapped her in upside down. You may need to have a word with the future big sister about that. Head goes on the TOP, Thalia…

  3. I think she gets it after all!Thought you might want to know that I clicked on your “My child is smart, want to punch me now?” post,and the pictures are “disappearing” under the left sidebar, at least as I view it in Firefox.

  4. That is the sweetest thing I have seen in a long time. 🙂I like the new layout!

  5. That is so funny – I did some cyber-nesting over at my blog too!!! And Thalia = brilliant! That’s the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while. Thanks for sharing the stroller story.

  6. That is awesome!LOLOh hey…do you want some crazy advice for bringing #2 on board?I have some. It’s like the LAST thing you’d think of but if I had to sit down and think, it was probably the one thing that prevented more temper tantrums than anything (and that is golden so I don’t care what kind of “message” or “spoiling” it means). So here it is:During my last trimester with Persistence, I started acquiring little “gifts” for Patience. Just little things from the dollar store. I wrapped them in tissue with a little bow.Then, when people dropped by to meet the new baby and brought a gift for baby only, I’d sneak out one of the little gifts for Patience too. Welcome new baby and congrats big sister.I don’t believe in everything needs to be even or fair, but in this case, sure.Take it or leave it. 🙂

  7. Hmmm…maybe she does get it.We keep trying to tell Cordy about the new baby, but she doesn’t get it. I point to my belly and tell her there’s a baby in there, and we go through the “name game” where we point to each person and she says who it is. When we point to my belly and say “baby sister” she responds “belly!” Ah well, she’ll find out soon enough, I guess.

  8. Love the new look!My son just asked me today about how a baby “comes out of mommy’s tummy”. I gave him the real answer. He didn’t like it. And told me he was “so glad he was a boy so that he never had to give birth to a baby because that sounds like it hurts too much!”

  9. i just linked to your blog from elsewhere, and dare i say it… I fell in love. 🙂 This was one of the most endearing posts I have seen… Kids never cease to amaze me!

  10. Smart girl! I finally threw out the EPT stick after Q started rummaging through drawers in the bathroom.

  11. WOW! It seems to me that a doll or a stuffed animal would be the average child’s path with a stroller. BUT a pic of the new babe….brilliant! She definitely thinks outside of the box….will they be able to nurture that in LA, I am sure New York can!

  12. Wow. I think that was very smart of her to put the picture in the doll stroller. Just wait until she wants you to put the real baby in the doll stroller….Fun times are ahead!

  13. love it. I too try not to comment unless I have something brilliant to add, which is never, but that is just CUTE. Love it. what a smart big sister the new one will have. Think of the things she’ll be able to teach the new baby! 🙂

  14. I really can’t believe how sweet that is. Way to go for taking a picture to remember that moment. I am positive those are the things that you forget once #2 is born!

  15. Genius, pure genius. What’s a parent to do when not only the grandparents call her a genius, but the internets too.

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