My Daughter, the New Yorker

Ever since two of my best blog friends gave me the mother of all new mother gifts – a gift certificate in an obscene amount to my fave local purveyor of spicy tuna rolls – there’s been quite a bit of Japanese food eaten in front of the TV in the Mom101 household. Thalia even experimented with the cuisine at our suggestion, if only by dipping a single chopstick into the soy sauce and licking it off, each time commenting, “Mmmm. Sushi.”

So Nate and I weren’t entirely surprised when we asked her what she wanted for dinner and her response was, “sushi.”

“Okay sweetie,” Nate said, as he went to the kitchen to make her some rice with a side of soy sauce.

“NO,” she exclaimed shaking her head wildly. “DOOR.”

She wanted it delivered.


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  1. LOL! Do you know my sis and I took a sushi class and can make it at home? Yes, my 6 year old can roll sushi. BTW, both my girls LOVE veggie rolls, so maybe Thalia would like those too? It’s funny to hear them begging for sushi, when, at 4 years old, my mom was lucky if I ate anything that wasn’t orange.

  2. When my boys visit their grandmother, who lives in NYC, they always want “the food that comes in the white box.”

  3. Atta girl! We’ve been so busy lately that now the standard reply when I ask what they would like for dinner is inevitably the name of a delivery establishment. I’m pretty diverse in my tastes, but I haven’t been able to develop a taste for sushi.

  4. This makes me very sad in that delivery of sushi doesn’t even exist in the state of Oklahoma.Your toddler gets better service than my entire state does. Something just ain’t right about that.

  5. Alas…when #2 arrived we varied off our normal take-out of Village Pizzeria and began ordering Thai A LOT. The guys at the restaurant hear the first three digits of our phone # and they recite our order before we even speak. So, now rather than our oldest exclaiming “the pizza man is here”! as she gleefully bounds for the door, she now elatedly yells “the rice man is here”!! Thankfully, he has kids, too 🙂 Gotta love the wee ones.

  6. Your daughter needs to find a food of her own, Cherie. I am only for you, my sweet love. Long have I waited, and now the time has come for us to be together. Get rid of the rugrat and let’s get *spicy*.

  7. I had to wait for Q’s nap today to eat shrimp (leftovers from my parents’ anniversary party) since he ate all mine off the plate and started on sushi last night. I think I was a much more boring and restrained eater as a child. Go, Thalia!

  8. Douglas doesn’t even bother with the rice. Salmon and tuna sashimi, baby, although he forgoes the soy sauce and the wasabi. Last time we went out for sushi, as opposed to takeout, he slurped down 2 orders and we had to get him a third. Sushi restaurant not economical option with this child!

  9. I’m with you, Liz. Every time the intercom buzzes, my daughter turns to me and says, “dinner’s here!”Last week, when I asked her what she wanted for dinner, she said, “risotto.”Christ, the kid’s not even 3 yet!

  10. I live in the in Asheville, NC…the bible belt…and my daughter’s favorite meal is sushi…Miso, Tai, Tobiko, Maguro and crab sticks (they aren’t japanense..not sure what they really are but we have them). It’s not a NYC thing, it’s a good taste thing. Your daughter clearly has great taste (the big difference between the two places – besides a few million people- is that our sushi delivery sucks ass.

  11. Wouldn’t you luck out if she turns out to be one of those kiddies that will ONLY eat sushi….you know… like the moms who tell me that theirs will ONLY eat mac and cheese or grilled cheese…or sandwich’s with no crust……I can see you now…Nate, we HAVE TO order sushi……it’s all that she’ll eat. I ate it through every single pregnancy!

  12. Cute! I was thinking of geting the Melissa and DOug wooden sushi set for my kid…and for me of course!

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