Catching up In Spite of the Maroon and Gold

No internet for four days is enough to kill a gal. It’s a building-wide issue, or I’d have happily commandeered a neighbor’s apartment, deeming it a matter of national emergency.

With a possible four more days of this hell on earth, I gave up on the hourly jaunts to Starbucks for wifi, grabbed the kids last night, and headed into Manhattan, holing up in a secret undisclosed location with internet signal a-plenty. Meaning now I only have like 172 or so emails to catch up on, 600 million blogs to read, and 90 posts rattling around in my head–including a Plastics for Dummies (Like Me) Resource Guide based on last week’s post about potential baby bottle hazards and all your stellar recommendations. Keep the links coming and I’ll include them fo sho.

This all wouldn’t be quite so bad if it weren’t mid-September.

In other words, as of yesterday, I am a football widow.

You might think I’m immune to the syndrome, me with my fancy NYC address and my expensive shoes and my ability to properly pronounce croissant. But nope, that doesn’t stop my sigOth from heading out to “the Redskins bar” (one of several) every Sunday, and coming home either a happy drunk or a grumpy, pass-out-on-the-couch drunk, depending on how well one guy in tight pants threw a little ball to another guy in tight pants.

Oh Sage, if only you knew how close you were to being named Clinton Portis.

Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be Cowboys fans.

18 thoughts on “Catching up In Spite of the Maroon and Gold”

  1. My widowhood is due to college football – two generations of Florida gators to contend with. But I’m trying to be optimistic and hope that five years from now, this means I will have entire Saturdays all to myself.

  2. My house gets that way during hockey season. My husband is a DIE HARD NY Islanders fan. He wore his nicest Islander polo for each of my daughter’s births, he named our dog Kesah (backwards for Hasek – his fave goalie at the time), and INSISTS that a hockey jersey is appropriate for everyday attire in the winter. I wear black on the first day of hockey season every year.

  3. Thank God the Bruins can never get it together, or I’d be a hockey widow like Angie. Sure, we have the games on during the season, but the ‘fever’ is low-grade these past few years. I should show Nate the photo of me as a “Redskins” cheerleader when I was 9. Knee socks and all.

  4. Word. On the no cowboys fans thing. I have to confess that I am the football fanatic in this family. Unfortunately, a breastfeeding baby usually isn’t well received in a bar.

  5. ok. so the shopping and possible apple picking sundays have to be scheduled around the jets, but i can leave the boys home and go to the yarn store without being hurried…

  6. What are you talking about, amy jo? < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Bars<> are THE hottest place to have a playgroup nowadays, didn’t ya hear? 😉But seriously, I am SO glad el Warr-i-or is not in a FF league this year. I feel for ya.

  7. Ah yes, I know the feeling well. Our nightly conversations go something like this:Want to watch Entourage?No: Sunday night football is onWant to watch “Munich” taped on our DVR? No: Monday night football is onWant to rent a movie?No: Thursday night football is onI am as big a fan as any, but why are there so many “formal” football nights? Wasn’t Sunday and Monday enough? And how come women never get the “it’s the Sex in the City” Marathon excuse as a reason to sit home and watch TV all Friday night with friends!?

  8. Another < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Redskins fan here<> coupled with a newfound obsession with fantasy football. My husband and I were just discussing how to rearrange our daughter’s nap schedule so we can watch at least ONE game on Sundays…

  9. Yikes I sleep with a crazy Cowboys fan who spends Sundays at “the Cowboys pub”. Hm. I say while they fight it out, you and I meet up somewhere fab on 11/18!

  10. “one guy in tight pants threw a little ball to another guy in tight pant” is the greatest explanation of football.

  11. and he’ll be happy for another 6 days. Take it where you can get it. Because the only thing worse than being a football widow is being the football widow of the crappy team that never wins.Like I said, enjoy the next 6 days.

  12. Redskins fans here too. Gotta share a story with you. T & I were at a Redskins game. Skins versus Saints. Two sections near us start screaming insults at one another. Things about Dan Snyder’s mother may have been said. Mardi Gras beads were thrown in anger.The someone in the back screamed “The COWBOYS SUCK!”Everyone cheered & the feud was over.

  13. AGGGHHH! I know I’m way behind here, but I had to say – I AM A COWBOYS FAN! And I’m so so sorry you’re married to a Redskins fan…And I know you care so little about this whole rivalry, but I’m compelled to announce my allegiance. Both of my kids have Dallas jerseys, I of course have my own shirts and even a thong sporting a big navy & silver star. (It does not ever get shown off at games; it’s purely for secret good luck).Anyway. I keep trying to bring my girlfriends into the fold of NFL, but they don’t get it either. Our wedding was on Emmitt Smith’s bday, and I even tried to hold off having my daughter for <>a month<> so she’d be born on Walter Payton’s birthday (he wasn’t a Cowboy, but a great football player anyway).Okay, back to your regular programming…

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