Asleep To Dream

This morning Thalia woke up more excited than usual.

“I saw something mommy! I saw a dog. With my eyes closed.”

“Your eyes were closed, honey? You saw a dog when you were sleeping?”

“With my eyes closed. I saw a dog! There was a dog!”

“You had a dream sweetheart. That’s what a dream is.”

And for some reason that just made me happy beyond belief.


31 thoughts on “Asleep To Dream”

  1. Oh, that IS sweet! I think it’s because it’s such a perfect description of a dream: “I saw something! With my eyes closed!”And because children know what it means to feel wonder.

  2. That’s awesome. And, you just reminded me of when my daughter first realized about dreams.Julie< HREF="" REL="nofollow">Using My Words<>

  3. It’s so funny that you write this. My son is exactly one week older than Thalia, and exactly one week ago, we woke up to him yelling, “Mommy! Little Dragon bit me!” My husband and I looked at each other and realized, “He just had a dream!” I completely understand your happiness. Holy cow, they’re turning into real people!

  4. that’s very neat… and a side-effect of motherhood i’ve NEVER considered!!!!thank you for sharing.i hope i’m aware when this happens to my (not yet existing) cool!!!

  5. One of the greatest parts of parenthood – giving fun explanations for seemingly wondrous events. Makes you feel like one heckuva parent!

  6. I remember when BubTar started remembering his dreams. There is something so beautiful about it, their induction into a universal experience.

  7. I used to nanny (!) and I remember once when my little charge was standing in his crib and pointing up at his stuffed giraffe on a shelf. He took a deep breath and blew out through his mouth, still pointing at the giraffe. He said, sleepy-eyed and pink cheeked, “He blowded on me.” My heart melted. Sweet, sweet babies coming to life every day… my son is 15 months, and I am excited for his first dream, too. What a ride. xoxo

  8. will has been waking up and telling me about his dreams too!so far “dump truck stuck” and something about a bug he was trying to swat in his crib…boys!

  9. <><>The force is with you young Thalia, but you are not a Jedi yet.<><>I understand what you mean. Mine rolled over from her tummy to her back for the first time yesterday and it was like I’d won the Superbowl.

  10. Meanwhile, mine had a nightmare that a mountain fell on her crib and she couldn’t get out. So I had to sleep on her floor all night. Swap?

  11. That is so sweet. It’s so cool to think you’re going to be able too look back at things like this cos you blogged them too.

  12. One of the many reasons I love you – and your writing – is that you share the joy in these small moments that we all know are the core of the greatness of momhood.You’re the best!

  13. That is so sweet! Coincidentally, Bossy also saw a dog with her eyes closed this morning. Except it was Bossy’s Great Dane licking her awake.

  14. That is way too adorable! I’ve never even thought about not knowing what it is to dream …those kids, they’re so darn interesting.

  15. I just wanted to comment on your previous post — though, this one rocks as well. I was going to leave a comment in that other post, but I got scared. : )Anyway, I will check out that new list by Cool Mom Picks, which I should say I unsubscribed to because I get so tired of parenting magazines and blogs telling me what the must-haves are for my daughters. When I do buy a new toy, which is extremely rare, it has to pass some serious requirements. I think the list you have talked about will be a good one. Thanks.

  16. Vaya con dios!I, too, have crazy rituals with my kids that others scoff and wrinkle their noses at. Have a great time!

  17. ah, this made me tear up – how sweet! what i also love (in a meta sort of way) is that she didn’t say “where’s that dog?” she knew that she saw it with her eyes closed and that THAT was just as cool as the dog itself!new to your blog and liking it muchly.

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