Week in Review

This was one of those weeks. One of those weeks where there was too much to say and no time to say it. So, for your reading pleasure (which may be an optimistic assessment) I present a Metro Dad style week in review, or at least the highlights.

Monday: It was hot. I don’t remember what I did but I think I was sweaty when I did it. Also I forgot to call my sister-in-law for her birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAGGIE.

Tuesday: I realized I was a pussy of the highest order as I sent Nate to take Thalia to her follow-up visit with the Doctors With Attitude. I know! I know! I’m going to switch practices. I just haven’t gotten around to it yet – Much to the chagrin of the Time Out/Kids reader who read my column about this, and felt compelled to write me pretty much the snottiest email I ever received, disguised as advice:

The piece about taking your daughter to see Dr. S at DWA was pretty cute, but I really must ask: has it never, ever occurred to you that maybe your child’s pediatricians are just not very good…[my doctor is the best blahblahblah thisiswhypeoplehateNewYorkers blahblah my doctor blah blah]… Give him a try. Unless, of course, you prefer to stick with the crummy docs because they can be counted on to provide material for a column every now and then.

Man, I hate people who basically make you feel like shit, proceed to tell you how much more awesome they are than you, and then pat themselves on the back for it.

(And yes, I googled her. And she has bad hair. Which made me feel a lot better.)

But I digress.

It would seem that Thalia, through a combination of Canadian bacon, chicken nuggets, and time has managed to gain two whole pounds in the last three months. Hoorah! So I didn’t get a wrist slap again, Nate got the good news, and Thalia isn’t wasting away into oblivion. Everyone wins.

Wednesday: Nate and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary of the night he invited himself over to watch Friends and left two days later. Grandpa babysat and we ate and drank ourselves right back in love again. A glass of wine, a glass of champagne, another bottle of wine and then a big glass of sherry will do that to a couple.

It was also the three year anniversary of the day we conceived Thalia in Montreal. (You’ll have to tune into the Mominatrix podcast archives for that story.) Even if we get married, which I’m sure we’ll do at some point, it’s hard to imagine that that date could mean more than October 10.

Oh, and it was also the 26 year anniversary of my Bat Mitzvah, otherwise known as The Day I Wore Purple Satin Knickers in Public By Choice.

Thursday: Have you ever sat through a focus group evaluating some work you created? It’s kind of like this.

Actually, it’s exactly like this.
(And if you don’t know the reference, this storyboard recreates arguably the most successful commercial in the history of advertising.)

Friday: Hey that’s today. Happy Friday everyone.

Oh and did I mention I’m on TV with Kristen? It’s true! And it’s not even Meredith Vierra attacking us for drinking beer around our kids or whatever.


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  1. Sooo, why no photo from the bar mitvah album?Also, I happen to think that the best commercial on tv right now is the one with the dog scooting across the carpet and the mom screaming. It’s for a carpet cleaner (I think?!?). I saw it in the car dealer waiting room while waiting for my vehivce to be repaired and the seven other people in there, all of whom had until that moment managed to successfully avoid any eye contact with each other what so ever cracked up once I let out just the littlest bit of snicker. I also like non animal commercials, but I’m just saying this one is pretty good.

  2. Cracking up with the focus group!TODAY I showed a client 7 mock-ups of a document and instead of using the logo (which hasn’t been developed yet) I wrote LOGO. “Maybe we should have more of a picture here instead of just l-o-g-o.” Most people should not leave their houses.Augusten Burroughs writes a hilarious account of when he crafted a great commercial and showed a storyboard to his client who didn’t like the idea because the car in the mock-up was red and he thought it should be white.

  3. When I saw the title, my first thought was, shit, she’s taking after MetroDad. No offense to MD though. Or you. Never mind.Anyway, happy five year anniversary and YEA for two pounds. 🙂

  4. Isn’t it funny how the internet brings out the righteous in people. AND how they feel that they need to foist their opinions and superiority on others.Methinks these people are just 45 year old fat blokes sitting around in their stained underpants with unfabulous hair…..Whoo hooo that your daughter has gained 2 pounds!

  5. Who the hell attacks you for drinking beer around your kids? The pilgrims stopped at Plymouth because they were running out of beer. With the exception of the Eskimos, every civilization/society in history has made beer. Noah didn’t get his own book in the Bible because he made wine instead of beer(it’s explained somewhere in Leviticus. Beer is like sex: if your kids don’t learn about it from you they’ll learn about it from someone on the street.

  6. Oh Liz, that Hatch spot makes me want to weep for those days when Hatch meant something to me–even if I wasn’t creating the ads, it was such a fun time (and Wade’s voiceover?!?! Must listen to this again!). Happy Anniversary too! Glad Thalia is packing on the pounds.

  7. If you DO get married, do it on October 10. We went on our first date on November 20th, and then got married on November 20th. I wear my great grandmother’s wedding ring, and the date inscribed on the inside is November 20th. Things like this happen for a reason…

  8. My baby girl was born on 10/10 – it’s a perfect kind of day! This video is how I know I could never do advertising. Some dumbass sitting in a room tearing apart the work I had slaved over for months is going to tell me “I like chimpanzee’s” I would hurl myself through the 2 way mirror screaming “THEN GO TO THE ZOO YOU JERKOFF” I would probably be fired 2 minutes later. You have much more patience than I do! LOL

  9. It’s doctors like that that cause the obesity problem in this country, I swear to God. Our (need I say former?) pediatrician sent Ironflower to a nutritionist who basically laughed at us and said Ironflower was fine. Congrats on the TV bit!

  10. I got chills…they’re multiplying…I’m not sure if that made me miss advertising or relieved as hell to have left. Either way, that was an incredible clip.By the way, several weeks after that ad aired we bought the MacIntosh.Mazel Tov on everything.

  11. I agree with lj, alcoholic beverages of some kind are a human universal, so screw ’em!This is my first time visiting. Thanks for the laugh!

  12. OMG! You and K look fabulous and all professional like on that video. I am moved to buy some nursery rhyme onesies for Sam;-) Nicely done, ladies.Oh, and bad hair lady is STUPID COW.

  13. ha, ad geek humor. imagine being the poor planner who has to try and defend the work, knowing that her creative teams and client are sitting behind the mirror throwing virtual daggers at her. 😉 also, I totally recognize some of the names in the credits. am officially a dork.congrats on the anniversary and the fattening of the child. 🙂

  14. woah. alec and i just celebrated our five year anniversary from the day after the season premier of friends (from obviously the same season) — he won my friends trivia contest so i knew that he was not just good-looking but “smart” too. dang, it’s been a busy five years.

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