You Want to Know What Parenthood Does to You? You Reeeeeally Want to Know?

So sad. So, so sad.

If I had the energy to create a meme, I’d love to know how your pre-child and post-child worlds have collided. Just to make me feel better.


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  1. Here’s one of ours from my husband’s blog.< HREF="" REL="nofollow">Sinatra Never Had to Put Up With This<>The baby needs biotin supplements every day. When he was an infant, we needed to mix the biotin powder in a liquid and give it to him in a dropper. However, the powder would stick to the sides of a normal glass, so in order to get all the powder mixed in, we needed to use martini glasses.And now the baby asks me to perch an olive on my boob when he eats.

  2. Our wine glasses are so dusty by this point that I’d be embarrassed to photograph them. Maybe I could show our highly changed DVD collection instead, except that we were never all that sophisticated in the first place.

  3. At least you still have wine glasses in the cupboard. I’ve put mine away because I needed the cupboard space for sippy cups and bottles, and it had been so long since I’d had a glass of wine I couldn’t remember what it tasted like anyway. 🙂

  4. First, I see you have excellent taste in wine glasses — I think I have the same ones … Crate & Barrel?Pre-child — I actually wore nice clothes that you might find hanging neatly arranged in my closet.Post-child — Is what I wore yesterday that I threw on the chair next to the bed clean enough to do school drop-off in?So sad.

  5. I could take a picture of my closet…Nice long pretty dresses to wear on date nights and office wear hung up next to a small bumblebee costume from last halloween!

  6. The case logic that lives in the car these days contain far too many sing-a-long albumns with the sounds of farm animals.

  7. Our whole lives got traded in.Souped up sports car and motorcycle is now a station wagon. Going to trendy new restaurants and clubs is now cooking at home and a NetFlicks account. My previous thin and worked out body….well, I’d rather not say–and because of that the leather minidresses etc are now sensible trousers and blousy tops that allow easy nursing.

  8. Um. The last night my hubby and I tried to get freaky together, I lost count of how many times we got interrupted (and this was AFTER the kids’ bedtime). There you go, TMI!

  9. A few years ago, my husband and I went to a music festival where we smuggled in a mixture of cocktails in a Rubbermaid container. Now, we use that same Rubbermaid container to hold formula.

  10. What’s the limit?1. I never told the EPA I had to miss a meeting due to a childcare issue.2. My coffee table is now a flip top that hides toy inside it (actually, pretty great table).3. The metabolism. And the brain power. Oh how I miss those two things.Julie< HREF="" REL="nofollow">Using My Words<>

  11. “Makin whoopi” used to be at least on Tuesday nights, now it’s something your toddler does in the potty. Sigh.

  12. < HREF="" REL="nofollow">This<> should make you feel better.

  13. I wouldn’t really say collided as much as life as I knew it ended and life now began. I was never much of a social butterfly anyway, but I vaguely remember the concept of sleeping late, painting or reading or even going dancing with girlfriends late into the night…I used to be a night person! both my guys have me up at 5am, in bed by 10pm on a late night, most nights by 9. i miss the old creative, well rested me!

  14. pixie sticks, I was just going to say that. My wine glasses are in constant rotation now that I’m a parent. There is nothing better than a well-deserved glass of wine after finally getting the sproglet to sleep.

  15. The giving up of the Jeep in favour of a Volvo hurt a bit. We will go back to a cool car one day… Just in time to tattoo “NO, you can’t have the keys” on our foreheads. And then there is the way my clothes are now divided into work and play and going out, which never do get worn, anyhow.

  16. You mean I’m suppose to remember pre-child days?Oh h*ll, I’m screwed.

  17. I knew my worlds had collided in a very sad and screwed up way when I found my lingerie in my daughter’s dress-up bin. Nothing ages you faster than seeing your 4 year old strutting around in something you last wore in a compromising position.

  18. My super cool wine rack is now a part of the giant Thomas the Tank Engine catastrophe taking up my entire living room. Hubby swears it’s the ONLY thing that will hold the tracks at just the right angle…

  19. I’m walking around with a pull-up zipped up in my Coach bag…just in case my almost 3-year old has a potty accident. Lovely, eh?

  20. I was just writing about how my life has changed in regards to my < HREF="" REL="nofollow">shopping habits.<> I used to buy myself clothes when I went shopping, especially when my current clothes don’t fit. Now, it’s all about the baby.

  21. Thanks for visiting my blog today! I lo0ve yours and added it on the ‘roll right away. And the pic could be from our house… With the exception that the sippy cup has been replaced with a Spiderman cup…

  22. I think I could take that same picture. Though I think we’ve got playdoh and bubble solution next to the wine glasses…

  23. Me and wife would watch TV and movies together on our nice 32″ widescreen TV … Now all that is playing on there is animated, disneyfied and has lots of animals with their own line of clothing and merchandize … To keep up with our few shows we like to follow, we watch now separately on our computers (or wife on her iPhone)Sex life? What was that? I just recall that it somehow got me where i am today …

  24. Im mere weeks from impending Dad-dom. Over the last nine months i have gone to as many gigs as possible, sung at open mic nights, drank more wine than France, written huge Posts on my blog, not had any sex (oops thats a bad thing), visited all our childless friends for the last time, smoked a joint to relive cherished memori…what was i talking about again? Oh yeah, scotch really is better with soda rather than coke. It makes me feel sophistimacated….. i think i lost track of myself here. How are you?

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