Christmas: The Photographic Highlights. (Also Video if I can Get it to Work)

12/24 5:45 pm
Thalia’s first fancy restaurant. She behaves beautifully.
Maybe because we keep her drunk.

7:12 pm
Chocolate ice cream for dinner, cotton candy for dessert.
I’m pretty sure that’s what the early disciples had in
mind with this Christmas business.

Sage is right at home on the Barcelona chair. Our little retro baby.

The very first glimpse of the Rock Center Tree. Yes, that tree.

Eat it, naysayers: NYC tourism rocks it during the holidays

The kids are in bed and time for the annual giftwrapping fight.
Nate’s theme this year: “Crap Wrap.” I was better off the year he hid
porn photos under little lift-up flaps on every box.
No, I’m not kidding.

12/25 8:05 am
Sage’s first taste of Christmas: Made in Europe and lead-free.

8:18 am
Opening gift #14 of 696.

Where are my eggs, woman!

The official winner of the Christmas gift competition: A pair of toddler scissors.

Runner up: Semi-inflated balloon left from the day before. Sigh.

Sage’s favorite gift: An afternoon with grandpa.

4 pm
Hot chocolate
4:05 pm
Wardrobe change
We are a classy, classy family and don’t you forget it.


32 thoughts on “Christmas: The Photographic Highlights. (Also Video if I can Get it to Work)”

  1. Why do I think it is you and Nate who should be kept out of fancy restaurants??? ; )And, 8:07pm Christmas Eve—was Sage taking the photo? She is one talented baby.Love the photos and the commentary. D woke up this morning and I asked him what his favorite present from Christmas was—he named two things that totaled less than $10 together. I could’ve saved a lot of money.

  2. I am hiding away from my family-in-law as I claim to be on nap duty. So sad I cannot make sound work on my husband’s laptop. Hoping that boogers is not as funny as the other posters imply.

  3. FOM – Sage was busy swimming in the reflecting pool next to us through most of the meal. It’s funny, we assumed she’d just be sleeping in her carriage the whole time. Seriously – the $2 scissors. Big hit. HUGE hit.

  4. Hey, even the New Yorkers have to do the touristy stuff ever once in a while. No sense in living there and not enjoying it. How grinchy that would be!

  5. It’s always the cheap gifts that are the favorite present. Or the box itself. Mira was fond of the wrapping paper.

  6. Candy and chocolate is the rule on Christmas day – it’s in the bible (I think). Love the photo essay, Thalia and Sage are superstars (and touristy schmoristy – seeing the tree is a must!). Happy Holidays 🙂

  7. i know, i’m stupid, but i was laughing for a good two minutes imagining sage taking that picture of the three of you in front of the rockefeller center tree.hey, it was funny to me.

  8. Great photos. You look so warm and happy. I feel ya on the winning presents, but enjoy it while you can. My nephews are at the “nothing is cool but a Wii” age.

  9. Scissors! *smacks hand on forehead* Why didn’t I think of that?!I want to hear more about the porn pics!

  10. It’s always the dollar store toys that are the big hits around here, not the thousands of dollars of toys strewn across the living room floor that nearly put us in the red.

  11. This year, my husband wrapped e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g in tin foil.I love, love, love your bebes.And you.You are all very cute.

  12. Loved the photos. LOVED the video. That Thalia, she shares her parents’ sense of humor – for sure.Looks like the usually G family reveree… Lovely.Hally

  13. At my mother-in-law’s my kids got three-hundred-thousand things and they used a box that a tractor came in as a pirate ship for their pirate action figures. As we drove off to go home(when the van was loaded to the point my husband could barely see to drive)my little one shouted, “MAMA! Did you bring the pirate ship?!”Christ Almighty, I had plenty of boxes in the garage, why did we shop this year again?Great photos — Happy New Year!

  14. Awesome photos – thanks for sharing them, btw – we actually HAD plans to visit “the” tree and had to bag our trip to NYC, due to the creeping crud.Oldest is down with it now – and so it goes.Happy New Year, anyway – better spray Lysol, just in case ;o)

  15. I have had to catch up on your blog – and now i am pretty sure I just peed a little in my pants. I haven’t laughed this hard since the day my son met me in the hallway with a handfull of poop . . .wait. . . maybe that was when I cried last . . . Hmmmm . . .

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