61 thoughts on “Another Happy, Happy Day in the Inbox of Mom101”

  1. ridiculous. no one will vote for it. promise.there shouldn’t be a category like that, because it brings out all the wretched and bitter people.

  2. LMAO, as they say, ladies. Link added above lest you think I’m making it up. Which is worse – that? Or that I was also nominated for most obnoxious blogger?

  3. Well, you have votes for best parenting blog (Go vote there!) and hottest mom blog. (And here!) That is much better. Besides, isn’t this the one that just mass nominates people to get readers to the site? How legit is this thing? Anything that has 389 PAGES of Best Blog About Stuff is not elite for sure. Or probably even worth looking at. This one is obviously smoking crack if they have you in anything other than a “Best of..” category.Can we add the category “Biggest Joke of Any Blog Awards” and nominate them?

  4. Jenn, yes of course it’s a ridiculous contest. Truly, I’m laughing about it. Although I do like your category suggestion.

  5. Just saw realized it was the same person who nominated you. (Must read comments before hitting post.)Absolutely ridiculous. Sounds like a person with an ax to grind.

  6. Hmmph. Sounds like someone who doesn’t like something you posted so they are being an asshole. You know you do not have the worst blog of all time or of ever, right? 🙂

  7. There’s no such thing as bad publicity. Gotta love the Haters for the free press! I want a Hater. No one hates on me. You can’t say you’ve truly arrived until you earn a Hater.(I’m laughing with you!)

  8. I agree: no such thing as bad publicity. People will click the link just to see what you’re all about.

  9. HAHA. Now there’s a FUN award to campaign for.“Apparently I suck. Vote for me!”I suppose that in and of itself would be obnoxious too. Kill two awards with one stone.When you win, I can say “I knew her when she was just a really cool and funny blogger.”

  10. well, i’m jealous. i don’t even have the honor of a nomination. i feel like susan lucci at all those daytime emmy shows…

  11. I keep telling my kids that I am hoping to be the “worst mom ever” and that I will do what I can to make it happen. I think you should campaign for it.Turn someone’s bad attitude into something for your own enjoyment. Wear it like a badge of honor! You are big enough someone hates your blog! Turn it into worst is the new black. By the way, whoever it was is an asshole. I also want to know why they even have this category. How mean spirited.

  12. Ridiculous! Not only are you a great blogger, but your blog itself is well laid out, user friendly and appealing to the eye. And you are not obnoxious at all! You are warm, funny and friendly. Seriously lame person to nominate you.

  13. Last year the Worst Blog of the Year only got 126 votes. Only 126 votes out of all the people in the world (maybe you can vote more than once?)… they’re really in touch with the pulse of the world (sarcasm). I’m sure the links from your webpage have tripled their weekly hit count in just the last couple hours.

  14. This is one of those times when you WON’T be saying, “It’s an honour just to be nominated.”Heh, heh.You’ll always be a super star to me, Liz.

  15. Before you all go and lynch Ian Covey, who is a lovely blogger/reader and nominated me for something relatively decent – I believe the way this site works is that it lists the original nominator. And then anyone else who nominates you in a different category isn’t credited. I think Mother Goosemouse is right – it’s the CIO hatahs. They’ve got it in for me and my clearly damaged children.

  16. Ohhh Liz…I LOVE your blog-and I don’t even have kids! If this makes you feel better, my Nate and I put up a video on YouTube and someone left the comment “Die, Die, Die.” Of which we decided, afterall, not to participate in our own demise. xxxx

  17. You know the drill…if they can’t take a joke, f*** ’em.You are a great writer and if people don’t wanna read? They don’t have to.Their loss.Our gain.

  18. It sounds like you are finding the humor, I so don’t feel bad saying that I got a good chuckle out of that. You don’t belong in that category of course. But it would be funny to campaign for winning it.

  19. Glad you are finding it humorous (still, it’s a dreadful category!).Jeff at View from the Cloud was doing a voting thing today and said he was hanging out at the bottom with the losers drinking beer and listening to Def Leppard. I decided then and there the bottom was not a bad place to be at all.*NOT* that you’re at the bottom, at all (so the opposite) but just saying, you know…that category…I wonder what other cool people are there…KWIM?

  20. WTH? I’m amazed that people have the energy to do things like this. I’m sure they think it’s hilarious too. geez.

  21. it’s true, your blog is terrible. i only come read because i’m on a lifelong search for the #1 worst blog of ALL time. i realize some might call it a wild goose chase, but i just can’t ignore my ambitions.i have to admit, though, for all that your blog is bad, i don’t think it’s the worst, forever and for always. which is too bad, ’cause i’d love to end my search here, kick my feet up, and enjoy an icy cold yoo-hoo. because nothing says “worst blog of all time” like a yoo-hoo.

  22. That’s crazy, you are <>W A Y<> better than the < HREF="http://www.bloggerschoiceawards.com/blogs/show/16691" REL="nofollow">Flatulent Technologies<> blog. Not even close! Okay. Sure their articles are witty and everything, but they don’t <>get me<> like you do.

  23. Oh, commenting so close to the hubby; aren’t we cute?Well. . .the bigger you are, the more likely you’ll get picked on, you know? I’m sure there is a very wise quote out there that would say that better than me. Maybe next year, you could nominate yourself and beat that bloke to the punch? Then, they wouldn’t even get the satisfaction of nominating you!

  24. Well, you know I come read every day to make sure you’re still the worst blogger out there. 😉I hate categories like that. They do nothing more than spark people to be mean.But of course, you’re nominated, and in more than one category. Any publicity is good, right?

  25. Maybe think of “worst” like “phat” or “sick” — it actually means “best”! Don’t take it to heart. Your blog is one of the best.

  26. What a nasty little surprise! I’m so surprised and a little bit alarmed as you are one of my favorite reads of the day. It’s somewhat insulting to think that one of the blogs that I enjoy the most could be considered “The Worst of All Time.” Hmmpph.Obvious enough, you have lots of fans who love and adore you and if you weren’t superior enough to handle that tag, you wouldn’t have even posted it! Best of luck in losing your nomination!

  27. what the heck?!?!??!?! no way?!?!?!?!Get real!!!!!They do not knwo what they are talking about…keep doing what you are doing – I LOVE your blog and look forward to reading it!

  28. Hey – long time reader, first time commenter here.But I really can’t believe it! My day isn’t complete without reading your entry. I eagerly check it everyday in hopes there is a new entry. It has become my morning routine. I have never understood how there can even be a worst category – if you don’t like it, stop reading it! Blogs are really a public diary. More for the sake of the writer, not the audience. If someone doesn’t like what they are reading, they should stop wasting their time, not nominate that blog to be deemed the worst!

  29. Wow. You have ARRIVED, Liz. You must really be famous if people feel the need to nominate you for worst blog. So, what do you think, folks? Is the person who made this nomination:A.) A militant representative of the Child-Free movement who develops an instantaneous rash in an uncomfortable place at the sight of babies in restaurants B.) A bored, single, childless 30-year-old typing from a dark, action-figure-filled lair in his parents’ basementC.) The head of the Toy Industry AssociationD.) One of the other nominees for “Hottest Mommy Blogger”E.) The driver of that Jesus ice cream truckF.) George Clooney’s stunt double

  30. jealous bastards.(funny how jealousy can make us behave in such varied ways: my envy of your ability to write so well has just usually prevented me from commenting on your posts of brilliance; *not* so much motivated me to find a way to crush you(r spirit) like a little walnut. yes. funny.)(I doubly appreciate, as a result, your having been *not* crushed, rather, you’re all, hee! and stuff. which is just exactly how it should be, because Julie Pippert’s right – Def Lep and cheap beer rule just as much as high-tone edgy music paired with a $$$ glass of champers. You knew that, though. = you’re awesome.)xoxo

  31. I don’t get it. Yours is a blog I never miss. And I have never once, not for a fraction of a second, thought you were obnoxious.(and your New Year’s Resolutions post was a Hallmark card to my heart.)

  32. The hell? Probably some jerkoff with an axe to grind about parent bloggers in general. Whatever. If it brings you traffic, it’s not too terribly harmful, anyway. This person’s attempt = FAIL.Besides, I’m sure you’ve been nominated for all the good awards, too, right? If not, you will be. 🙂

  33. So this is a commercial for a return to abacuses – no way that’s anywhere near right. It probably meant – “best” and there was a type.

  34. If only I could be hated by as many people who visit your site, it would make my day.It’s a back-handed compliment. Fuckers.P.S. Make sure your cell phone is always charged and handy in case you have to call 911. Seriously, one time we had to call 911 for our baby and I was SO thankful the phone was on the charger and vowed to always have a landline.

  35. Pfft, Worst Blog. It’s all just a big popularity contest anyway.

  36. Hypothetically, IF I had mob connections, with say a man who owes me a certain favor, would you like me to call a favor in?No, no, not whack the sucker. Just find out who it is and have a little chat with the nominator.Think about it…:-)

  37. I’m glad I’m not the only one who has a Google Alert on their blog. I’ve been horrified by something new since I’ve done it – not only are people finding my blog by typing “constipation” into Google, they’re stealing my posts or disparaging my politics without linking back to me. I’m sure you realize that being nominated for anything is a sign you’re being heard. That’s the way I look at it.

  38. Well — obnoxious isn’t so bad.I didn’t know people hated you though — you know you’re good when people hate you!

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