If You Knew Mommy Like I Knew Mommy

7:58 PM, Saturday

“Would you like some of my milk?”

“No, thank you Thalia.”

“You would like a little bit of my milk? You can have it.”

“No sweetie, but that’s very nice, thank you. That’s nice sharing.”

“You want something to drink mommy?”

“Not really. I’m not too thirsty right now.”

“Oh. You like water? You want water. You want a teeny glass of water.”

“Thanks Thalia, that’s so nice of you but really…I don’t want anything to drink. I don’t want water or milk right now”

“Hm. Okay mommy.”

“Okay. But thank you. Really.”


“You want a glass of wine? I think you want a glass of wine. You want a glass of wine, Mommy.”


31 thoughts on “If You Knew Mommy Like I Knew Mommy”

  1. That’s hilarious.I’m always a little nervous that my daughter Dylan will start yapping away at preschool about her mommy needing a glass of wine each night.And she did once point out a grey goose vodka bottle in a skymall ad and say, “that’s daddy’s drink.”

  2. And at that point you say, “Yes, Thalia, mommy would love a glass of wine. Would you mind uncorking a bottle?” Oh, wait, is that frowned on?Smart kid you’ve got there.

  3. When she starts asking if you want your martinis shaken or stirred, you’ll be set. Good girl! My husband thinks it’s hilarious that our 22-month-old daughter goes and gets him a beer out of the fridge when he gets home from work, with no provocation. Maybe there’s hope for me yet.

  4. My husband does the same exact thing to me. I never knew I should be expecting it from the baby too. Maybe once she starts to walk…

  5. Once I was forced to bring my then-four-year-old daughter to a lunch meeting with several colleagues and bosses. Toward the beginning of the meal she leaned over to sip from my diet coke, stopped, cocked her head and said, “Wait, is there alcohol in this?”One of my proudest moments.

  6. When my first was about that age he’d tell almost anyone: “Daddy drinks Coke, I drink milk, Mommy drinks beer.”

  7. They pay so much closer attention than we realize. My 2 year old informs me that I need to stop for coffee every time we get in the car to run an errand!

  8. We have Bristle Blocks (I think that’s what they’re called) and they have little domed pieces, which my 2.5 yo turns upside down on top of another block thingee and says “Here, Mama, it’s your wine. Drink up.” They do know us, that’s for sure!

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