The Realities of Dating a Comedian on Valentine’s Day

The flowers were beautiful.

The card was…well, it was a card.


24 thoughts on “The Realities of Dating a Comedian on Valentine’s Day”

  1. Better then nothing, which is what I got. And I had dinner at a diner while I graded quizzes.

  2. I don’t even get flowers anymore. I get a simple card that says, “flowers die, but our love will last forever…”every year. same line. ugh.

  3. I got a card from my husband once that had a picture of a cartoon skunk on the front, with a little pink heart hovering above its rear end.Inside it said, “Love is in the air.”

  4. Those are beautiful flowers, and it’s awesome that they are organic.I’d be fine with the card, if only it was grammatically correct…

  5. Mothergoosemouse: I think what was coming…were the flowers.Caramama: I think he’d argue the grammar is what makes it funny. (Then again, I’d probably argue back.)

  6. Hmmmm. . . Does “organic style” mean that the roses aren’t really organic – that they just look that way? Just askin’.

  7. Hey, at least you got something. I got “zippo.” Now, granted we don’t really celebrate Valentine’s day but a nice card wouldn’t have been bad.

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