You Want to Know Why I Get Political?

Here’s why.

But today, if you want to hear what’s on my mind, you’ll have to head over to Momocrats. Which you should probably be doing anyway. There are some nice ladies over there!


18 thoughts on “You Want to Know Why I Get Political?”

  1. Precisely! I have two of my own and they have certainly increased my interest in politics, for their welfare. Moms are a political force to be reckoned with! Let’s go get those deadbeats in Washington, D.C. Wake up! Moms are talking!!

  2. I know you already know this, but since it’s always nice to hear from other people, I’ll tell you anyway. Your girls are WAY cute!!I liked your thoughts over on Momocrats. Interesting.

  3. the pink one? looks just like you. she has your laughing eyes. the small one? needs to have those CHEEKS squeeeeeezed. and chomped. must. eat. the. cheeks.they are gor-juss. Soooooo cute!

  4. Wait a minute, where is little Thalia? OMG, she is growing up!!! They are both so cute. And, I hear you—I worry so much what kind of world will be left for my kids. Makes me want to make things as good as they can be.

  5. awww, your babies are adorable!and I completely understand the political discussion. There were years and years when I ranted (a lot) about politics because someone had to light a fire under people’s butts.Although, this go around I’ve stayed fairly mum… but I did vote yesterday! Go me!

  6. Man, Sage looks so much like Nate in that photo that I gasped!Nice to see that you are playing with good ‘ol cardboard boxes. We made a car wash this weekend!I have to say, after reading that fantastico update on lead toys, your political commentary, and comments about things that make you go ‘um’, this is NOT a mommy blog… it’s important reading to anyone who is a parent. Or breathes.

  7. They are so adorable! And I feel the same way. I’m getting much more into politics and all sorts of issues now that I have a child living in this world.

  8. What a great shot of your honeys – happy to read you over at the Momocrats – enjoy your Valentine’s Day!

  9. I won’t use the word cute. I’ll say adorable. Cute is no longer allowed in my vocab. Oh, and vote early and often, as the saying goes.

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