Memorial Day Weekend 08: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

The good
The bad
And the ohmigooooooooood*

*Legal disclaimer: Code 39990833 section 12b of the NYS penal code states that if you choose to sunbathe in inappropriate garb (including but not limited to yellow thongs) in public parks, whether or not you are European or wish that you were, any blogger has the right to take and publish your photo without permission, although you’d probably give it anyway you creepy exhibitionist weirdo.


45 thoughts on “Memorial Day Weekend 08: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly”

  1. Oh, you hurt me today.I don’t know that I can ever trust you again.You set me up with two lovely pictures.You had me all political with the gas prices.And just when I was relaxing into my expectations of someone’s ugly mug popping up on the screen I get “Irridescent Ass-cheeks Dehors”, that masterpiece of mind-bending post-modern art by Some Dude (Possibly not a dude) In A Painter’s Cap in Central Park.You really hurt me.

  2. oh dear time please provide advance warning. i was eating….now i am no longer

  3. I’m a little disturbed about the unclear gender on display, but only until I go back to the EWWWW, which totally overrides it. Mind you, I once at Coney saw one of the largest people I have ever seen in my life heading out towards the water in a suit not much bigger than that, so it does get worse. Oh god, my lunch, she is calling for an encore.

  4. My eyes! My eyes! I know it’s Memorial Day, but come on, we don’t need to have a memory of that thong!And the gas prices. Ouch. We decided to skip the beach and stay home instead. So I could eat more cookies. Yay.

  5. At least there was a thong. Not that this makes up for that awful sight, however. I didn’t see it and thought this person was nude until you mentioned the yellow thing. Ick. Ewww. Gag.

  6. I love how you pull us in with the beautiful baby pictures (toddler, really)and then you get us all fired up about gas prices and almost give us an aneurysm with the last picture.Quite a rollercoaster and maybe not the fun kind. The kind where you are raising your arms in the air and feeling a rush and then have to throw up at the end.

  7. I’m guessing female since the ass is hairless. But then again, any guy who wears a yellow thong probably gets waxed regularly. Jury’s still out.(The girls are gorgeous!)

  8. ACK!! I didn’t see the thing, read there was a thong and found myself in a nightmarish way peering at my screen to try and SEE the thong, dear life the things you see when you haven’t got your gun ( although how great that you did have a camera, I think) In England our gas is now at the equivalent of $10.28 a gallon, which sort of makes your less miserable looking to me.

  9. How do you explain THAT to the kiddos on your Memorial Day family picnic?Icky, icky, icky. I think he needs to visit a tanning booth if he’s going to subject everyone to his pasty ass.Again,

  10. Thats hysterical!!! He’s pretty darn pale, do you think he’s got sunscreen EVERYWHERE? Do you think he could sit down for dinner that night? Do you think HE thinks yellow is a good color for him? Do you think he’s even thinking? Great post – your kids are adorable.

  11. To avoid obscene gas prices, I am going to walk everywhere from now on, carrying my three children on my back. They will be wearing blindfolds so that they cannot see extremely white naked people.

  12. Ok, please tell me where you took the last two photos because I won’t go there. The first two, however, are adorable. Aren’t girls the best? And they are dressed, too! (unlike the scarey slimeball there – yikes!)

  13. I didn’t even see the thong at first. I was too blinded by the pasty white ass. This is a perfect example of breaking Rule #1 of Fashion: know your weight and dress accordingly. Although there are several other rules being broken here, I think.

  14. No Way! No Way, did you actually see a naked person in the park! For further proof, I think you should have posed with him!!

  15. Um, was that, a dude? Or a dudette? And WHYYYYYYY??!? Please tell me that wasn’t Harbor Island.Cute overload with the younguns, BTW.

  16. It’s gonna take a lot of booze to erase that last image.Shudder.Yet, I can’t help wondering if I’d be brave enough to sport that yellow thong in public…Hmmm…Or just how much booze it would take to induce me to try it…

  17. AGH! I don’t know which is more horrifying the gas prices or the hidden thong. Hmmmm.

  18. Wrongity wrong wrong wrong! Dude. I hope he got a sunburn. The first two photos are so sweet. And my blood is boiling over the gas prices.

  19. Can’t. Stop. Laughing. It is like a train wreck. You look, then look away, then look again. Bleck!The back of my eyelids will be burning tonight.

  20. ugh! that gross guy is always there in dumbo, always wearing that skimpy yellow thong that makes you look because, despite your better judgment, you want to make sure here’s wearing SOMETHING. gah!

  21. Oh Claudia, that’s EXACTLY where he was. Now I’m devastated because it means we’ll probably see him again. The horror of it all.

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