That’s It. I Am Officially a Mommyblogger

1. Mommybloggers “write about poop and stuff”
2. Mommybloggers get excited over the stupidest little details in their children’s lives, as if anyone in the world would ever care that someone else’s snot-nosed kid pooped on the f*cking potty. Whoo-hoo. Big deal. Whatever.
3. Mommybloggers = BO-RING.


38 thoughts on “That’s It. I Am Officially a Mommyblogger”

  1. I’m thinkin’ we need a name for those of us who read that crap you mommyblogger you are writing about? ; )

  2. But that potty is such a lovely shade of pink!As for what to call us?? Hmmm …Mommybloggyreaders?Chick chatters?Girls gone wild?

  3. Come on, potty training is exciting. If I’m not having any luck getting my own kid to do it then I’m ahppy to read about someone else’s success. I don’t care if that makes me a mommyblogging zombie.

  4. Did you get this list somewhere? Sounds too real to be “made up.” And I have to agree with those who have expressed their potty-envy. The only BabyBjorn stuff at our house is the frontpack. That throne is way to cool for us!

  5. I’m starting to think I may end up with the kid who needs diaper changes in college. Seriously, he could pee his pants and go on with his day as if nothing has happened.

  6. mommyblogger – gak, what an awful term.I would not say boring…unappetizing, maybe, with me spotting the thong picture as I’m eating my breakfast…

  7. I don’t care what anybody says – the first time your kid poops in the potty is VERY exciting and the only people don’t think so haven’t just spent four years changing diapers 12 times a day.

  8. I’m with Sarah. Dude, pooping on the potty? SUCH a big deal. Unless you’ve never bought a 100-pack of Pampers, you just don’t know. Am I right?

  9. I poop on the potty ALL THE TIME and no one ever makes a big deal about me. I feel so cheated.

  10. Stumble on your blog only god knows how. Thanks for letting me know that I am not the only Crazy mom that likes to talk about Mr. Hanky’s. Actually now that I look at it, we were both blogging at the same time in this crazy blog world….about Poo!! Weird.

  11. Welcome to the ranks of Mommybloggers. It’s nice to have you hear.I still get excited talking about poop. Maybe that’s because my almost 3 1/2 year old still doesn’t poop in the potty yet. Not even bribery is getting me anywhere.

  12. Anyone whose ever toilet trained a child will care. Yay for Pooping!And, liz, when you’re PT’ing a child, you’ll get cheered, too. (“Are you pooping, Mommy? Yay, Mommy! Bye-bye, Mommy’s poop!” In public restrooms.)

  13. yeah, that’s it. embrace it baby, embrace it!ps: am also boring mommyblogger. i am not ashamed.pps: F*%K ALL THE HATERS!!!!

  14. Hi, I linked to your blog via Bossy. Who knew baby bjorn made toilets!?! Do you think they have it in lilac?? My little one LOVES lilac…hot pink not as much. He is very particular.

  15. I’m with crazedparent/Charlene…If you can get my kid to poop in the potty, I’d appreciate it! He’s my middle child, and will probably wear diapers to his college graduation!

  16. Welcome to motherhood! Although my poop and pee in the potty days are long gone (7 years!) I still loving me some mommy/real person blogging.Don’t knock it! If I had had a blog when mine were young it would read “Mommy Blogger trying her damndest to survive and thrive with three young children! HELP!!”The internet is a fantastic support system. Use it! Mommyblogger label or not. Those of us who have ever mothered so totally hear you.

  17. Yuck! Who would ever want to write about POOP? No one would read the post or comment on it!

  18. Haha, Mommy bloggers with the potty chair picture. Ugh, I’m a mommy blogger but I like to mix it up by talking about pop culture. Talking about if Angelina Jolie has had her twins or not is way more exciting than the fact that my son has yet to pee on the potty.

  19. What if they poop on the f*cking sidewalk and you blog about it? Does that make you a Mommyblogger? Cause they did. And I did. And I’m thinking that should count. 😉

  20. We have that potty in white and damn all coolness to hell, I happen to love it. Congrats to Thalia for making her first deposit 🙂

  21. psst….. where’s your header?(i can’t see it right now)i think those things are not boring, especially when you’re talking 🙂

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