Walking the Walk. (Or Toddling the Toddle?)

Sometimes you are totally stressed beyond any stress you’ve ever felt every before. Things seem to be crashing down around you, tension abounds, and life just isn’t cooperating in any sort of way. Curses are used. Tears are shed. Fists are shaken. Wine is consumed.

And then, just when you really need it, the universe gives you a gimme–just a teeny little cosmic chuck on the shoulder as if to say yo mama, chin up.

Sage started walking. It’s a happy thing. A very happy thing.

It’s getting harder to call her “the baby.”


34 thoughts on “Walking the Walk. (Or Toddling the Toddle?)”

  1. Awwww, congrats! I still remember 12 years ago, the day, the time, the circumstance, and the place that my youngest took her first real steps 😉

  2. How wonderful, it has to be a really magical moment! And definitely a bonus moment when you needed it.

  3. Congrats! Mira has recently started walking, too, and it’s awesome. Well, aside from the fact that she can pull down more stuff from higher places now.We keep calling Mira “the baby” also. I think I’m mourning the baby period, though. Just a little.

  4. Woo hoo! I firmly believe that the baby is the baby until another baby comes along. Sure, it sucks for the last child, but that’s the way of the world.

  5. it’s so magical isn’t it? I’m so sad that we’re leaving the baby stage too…..I wander through the baby seciton at Walmart just cause I’m not ready to stop.

  6. No way, she’ll always be “the baby!”Congrats to Sage! One milestone down, a hundred more to go.

  7. Good for her! (And you!) I thought you were describing a baby’s tantrum at the beginning – until the wine part. Sometimes I have to look at my 2-year-old’s behavior and just go, “I know, girl, I know.” Wish I could offer her a glass of wine. Instead, we sometimes just throw stuffed animals at the wall together.

  8. Yee haw! Phe just started last week, too. We call it ‘doin’ the frankenbaby’

  9. hooray!this will also be a comfort to my friend…her daughter is 13 months, and she doesn’t crawl yet.she is mobile, though! she scootches all over the house on her but, just using her little legs to pull her around. i think it’s the most adorable thing EVER. i secretly wish she never stops doing it.

  10. Don’t worry, she’ll ALWAYS be your baby, even when she is 8 and rolling her eyes at you like a teenager. 🙂

  11. yippee for first steps! my youngest (and last) just started walking, and oh how i love those first steps! they are so very proud of themselves and so stinkin’ cute!

  12. I think my little one must be about the same age as yours because we’re at the same place. Every day she seems less like a baby and more like a little girl. I know this sounds cheesy, but it’s really cool seeing them learn.

  13. Isn’t it amazing, when we reduce our lives to a paragraph or two, that it’s these moments-these quiet, precious, common moments- that live again and again in our memories. Just ask Momsie. Good at ya, girl.

  14. Hmmm. I have mixed feelings on this one. Our little “Finbucket” (Finley) is crawling and pulling to stand on everything. This means much more work on my part to watch her. The walking part is bittersweet. Great to see, but HOLD THE PHONE – we need to clean!

  15. Yeah for Sage! Congrats! Now, you get to run after her everywhere. Sorry things sound tough. I hope it gets better.

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