…so I have to say I love you in a haiku

Pierre got the drinks.
And boy howdy were there drinks.
Advil, start working.

Thanks to our generous host Pierre, along with Doug, Isabel, Tony and even Nate who deigned to join “the geeks,” to give me a night on the town that I totally desperately needed. The cocktails were appropriately gay and pink (as Brian predicted, although he blew us off last minute. Stupid new baby.) the conversation was glittering if a bit slurry, and while my memory is a little hazy towards about midnight, I did find this in my inbox this morning from Doug.

Best guess as to why they’re clapping gets a gay pink cocktail on me at BlogHer. Because I have no clue.

Also, I forgot how nice it is to pee in the open air. Except for the whole pee on your legs aspect of the matter. Otherwise? Pretty nice.


17 thoughts on “…so I have to say I love you in a haiku”

  1. Peeing on the sidewalk. Ahhhhh. . . those were the days. Oh, wait, you had one of those days last night?!?!? Damn having to drive. I could only have one drink last night in my corner of the world.

  2. Advil isn’t doing a thing for my hangover. Surprisingly, neither is bacon. I don’t even want to think about how much alcohol we consumed last night. Did we really polish off that enormous village-size bottle of sake? So much fun though and totally worth the pain I’m feeling now. You and Nate Dog rock. I think I came home and just babbled to my wife about how much I love you guys. We’ll have to do it again sometime soon.

  3. Oh my GOD Metrodad – I swear I totally forgot about the sake. I kept thinking how am I so hungover on a few foofy vodka drinks and a glass of Prosecco?Oh right, the sake.

  4. “Hey look! We figured out how to melt our hands! You just have to concentrate really hard and rictus the shit out of your mouth. Then, ta-da!”

  5. The only time we clap like that around here is when someone makes a poop on the potty. So I’m hoping it’s not that.Unless that’s how you guys choose to party. Oh, the city is a godless place.

  6. My guess as to why they’re clapping: either you shot something out of your nose or you flashed them your breasts. And hey, I didn’t know you were going to play in Haiku Friday. 🙂

  7. Your gay guy gives you pink drinks? My gay guy has bourbon hidden in his bedroom. 😉

  8. Yeah, that was one of my favorite parts of camping – the “nature walks”. Just don’t use strange-looking leaves as toilet paper.

  9. Absolutely no fair having that much fun without Bossy. Isn’t that printed in a rule book somewhere?

  10. Oh, I am jealous you get to party with my old friend Crouton Boy. Come drink in NC some time. I promise the moon shine won’t hurt you a bit.

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