I am the It Mom, goo goo g’joob

The emails and very kind comments are starting to trickle in, so I suppose it’s a good time to mention that Parents Magazine, my favorite doctor’s office read, has named me their “It Mom” of June.

Which became July. Then August. And now September. I am just that important.


Anyhow, welcome to new readers. And to old readers, thanks in advance for not thinking I’m all famous and douchey now. I’m the same Mom101 who documented the bathroom hours I logged at work while pregnant, compared my oldest aughter to Jeri Blank, and cops to having Andy Gibb on my iTunes. In pretty good rotation. Only now I have professional photos of me with my kids too.

Thanks so much Parents, and especially editrix extraordinaire Judy Goldberg – for without you, my photo wouldn’t be in the hands of thousands of women across the country lying naked from the waist down with their feet up in stirrups.


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  1. I was just reading my new issue this morning on the train and saw your familiar face! Congrats!

  2. Feeder: It’s TIBI. Cool right?Although BlogHer folks better know it as < HREF="http://www.petroville.com/2008/04/08/karaoke-par-tay-in-new-york-ci-tay/" REL="nofollow">the karaoke dress.<>

  3. I’ve been a coolmompicks reader for quite a while so its fun to see another side. I’m excited for the new read.

  4. Parents Magazine is not just for naked women in stirrups. God sexism. Dads love Parents.Congrats Big Time.

  5. Can I just say THANK YOU for getting it right re: your title? So many people say kook koo ka choo. And congratulations!

  6. Wow! I’ll have to run out and steal a copy from my doc’s office.The whole “no kids” thing pretty much means I don’t subscribe to Parents magazine. But one day…

  7. great article. Im excited for something good to read now. I found your blog from the parents article.

  8. Thanks so much Kim and Holly and crew…welcome. And willtherebecake, fear not there’s plenty of stuff in there for you too. Why in fact, I’m right across from a tampon ad!BHJ that goes double for you.

  9. Okay, I know I’m going to sound pretty dorky here, but here goes-I just realized you linked to me a few days ago on the Goodness and Light… post. And can I just say something? Oh ma Gawd! I know it’s dumb, but I feel so honored, because you’re the shit, for real. I mean, you’re the It-Mom! ‘Kay. I’m done. Thanks for the link. =)

  10. Oooh..just got my issue in the mail today, I’ll have to check it out! I feel so cool that I stumbled on to your site before your official “outing”.And, thanks for the link to the Jeri Blank comparison post. That totally made my day.

  11. Hello,I stopped by your blog after being introduced by Parents magazine. “Sex in the city meets Sandbox” is quite an introduction. Congrats on that title in itself! Laurie

  12. Liz! Congratulations! You look fab in that dress, too 🙂 I'll grab a copy at Barnes & Noble this weekend!

  13. Cool! I love when I see people I know (and love) in magazines.I love that dress. And yes, it will always be the karaoke dress to me 🙂

  14. And such cute accessories in the smaller pic. Do they come with the magazine makeover? (Nah, gotta give birth to them, right?)

  15. ah, the “it” mom. it’s like parenting has become one big game of “tag” or something. that’s just awesome.

  16. I am so happy to have found your blog! While I should be sleeping, instead I am cracking up and addicted to your blogs! How fun to have found another mama in my shoes….And I thought is was just me…. ha ha!

  17. You mean that all I have to do to actually be in the same picture as my offspring is to become famous?(That should be so much easier than teaching my husband to use our camera.) For real.Congrats!

  18. Kayleigh Jeanne, I think those are my only photos with both kids. For real!And yet Nate totally knows how to use a camera. Suddenly I’m feeling a little insulted. Or maybe I’m just always cleaning something up out of frame while he’s snapping.

  19. That is so cool – and quite a coincidence because Bossy is also the It Mom! Oh wait, Bossy meant Sh*t Mom. Darn… knew there was a difference…

  20. darn it. i just had my feet in the stirrups and I would have felt so in the know if I would have discovered you pre-gyno visit. um, hmm, that sounds disgusting.

  21. Congratulations! It is so cool to see the the face behind Cool Mom Picks, love the site! I love the platform shoes in the picture!

  22. Now I get to brag even more: Because when you came up to me at BlogHer and said “Hi I’m Liz from Mom-101,” and I said something like “shut up” over and over again in disbelief I had no idea that soon I would be telling that story about the It Mom.I totally told the It Mom to shut up and denied that she was who she said she was.Hey, look at that. I took a great moment for you (the Parents Magazine It Mom thing, not the “being told to shut up” thing, because maybe that’s not really a great moment for you :} ) and made it all about me. And, I’m still doing it.So….Congratulations, Liz :}

  23. So I guess I can brag about how I knew you way back in 06 when we all only had one child and this blogging thing was a little more new.Congrats on the fame and professional photo shoot!

  24. Just had to come and check out your blog….I recently got my copy of the magazine! Cool article!!!

  25. Nice, “It Mom.” Very cool. Congrats!!! I hope they let you keep the shoes.– Ryan

  26. so. proud.*beams*(makes mental note to buy magazine. makes second mental note to remind self about first mental note. realizes the impossibility of it all. shoves boulders in pockets, strolls into river, muttering about never being able to remember to buy magazines featuring fabulous friends.)the end.

  27. When I saw the page in the magazine, I said to myself, “Hey, I know that blog; I have it on my favorite places”. Congrats!

  28. Saw it on Sunday and thought, well that’s weird- she looks just like Cool Mom Picks and Mom-101. THen I realized, Duh! it is you!Congrats!

  29. I’m finally sitting down with my Parents magazine and saw your article. You look great. And lovin’ your haiku. Alas, I too was just fat.

  30. Cool!! Congrats! I don’t get that magazine, but maybe should subscribe?

  31. i was just reading my Parent’s mag today in the bathroom. (Naked from waist down, but no stirrups.)And i saw the word “Thalia” and i was like “Hey, that bloggy lady i read has a daughter named Thalia” and it was you! i feel very in the loop for already having subscribed to you! Congrats on getting featured! Did you get any cool swag?

  32. Congrats Liz! Great spread! Two pages – pretty cool!

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