Mo babies, mo babies, mo babies

In case you’ve been under a rock for the last eight months or so, you might know that Rebecca of Girls Gone Child is having a second baby and Kristen of Motherhood Uncensored is having a third baby, bless her heart. They happen to be two of the most amazing writers, fabulous friends, and all around cool chicks that you could ever hope to have in your life.

So I looked it up and turns out that Emily Post says that throwing a second shower is “perfectly fine.”


Q. Is it proper etiquette for an expectant mother to host a baby shower for her 2nd baby?

A. While it is never appropriate for someone to host a shower (baby or bridal) for themselves, it is perfectly fine to throw a baby shower for a mother’s second or third baby.

I like perfectly fine. Do you like perfectly fine? Yes? Well in that case, we–we being me and Julie and Catherine and Katie–invite you to join in the fun.

Just write a post on your own blog reminiscing about those new baby days (something happy and as uncynical as you can possibly muster so we don’t freak Kristen and Bec out completely) sometime between now and Sunday, check out the rules here, and you’ll be entered to win one of five killer gift baskets including stuff like $100 Amazon gift certificates from beau-coup favors and gifts, and gift cards to the Silly Wagon where honestly, I need like a 6 million dollar gift card.

Because what is a shower without gift bags?

And alcohol.

Okay, no alcohol. We would get into legal issues with the shipping.

(Okay, fine I’ll send you alcohol.)

(Don’t tell anyone.)

Now the one thing that Emily Post does say is that second showers are perfectly fine as long as the guest list is limited to close relatives and very close friends and/or guests.

So we will just pretend that you are all my close relatives. In fact I may hit you up for money oh, say when Thalia’s ready for college.

Happy reminiscing.

(PS Amalah is having a baby too and therefore all Amalah-loving people, me included, should feel free to shower her in person if you’re in the DC area.)


12 thoughts on “Mo babies, mo babies, mo babies”

  1. Happy babies, everyone! I remember when I had my babies, I was all like “I MADE THIS!” and my husband was like, “I helped too!” and I was like “HOW?”

  2. Since you live in New York, I assume when you say you will hit us up for Thalia’s college money, you really mean the first year of elementary school. Cause I hear that not only are the elementary schools there more expensive than the college I attended, they also look better on your resume.

  3. [Well, dang. Here’s another reason my sister will rag on me for not having a blog.]Congrats to all three lovely mommas. I have read your blogs since I was bleary-eyed with my first baby (3 1/2 years ago!). It’s hard to read their posts now because it’s making me long for those new-baby days… the salty smelling heads, the little toes, the teeny diapers, ahh… And then I remember the whole baby-coming-out-feet-first-ordeal, and that’s enough to snap me back to reality. This shop is C-L-O-S-E-D.Enjoy!

  4. Matt and I were NEVER going to have a family bed. I mean really. The bed is not just for sleeping you know. Well yes. Our newborn did know. She knew that it was warm, there were boobs there, and it made her sleep. So– YEEHAW– family bed it is. And one of my favorite images from this first ten months is how she wakes up with this perfect smile on her face then looks for each of us. And someday (SOON– PLEASE SAY IT WILL BE SOON) she’ll wake up in her own crib and I won’t know what her face looks like when she wakes up. Because for me it will always be with that big smile.

  5. Well then congrats to you too Desiree! I wish you more than 3 receiving blankets but less than 27.

  6. oooh, I love a party! Should I tape some pastel balloons on my computer screen?I remember thinking of how different my 2 pregnancies were, and now how different my two children are. Natalie’s pregnancy was easy and she was very active (almost ornery). Guess what? She is a outgoing, silly, ‘I’ll perform for a crowd’ kind of girl. My boy, not so much. But how they were in utero kind of gave me a heads up.And though we didn’t find out the sex of each child, I KNEW what each of my children were. Never doubt a mothers instinct!

  7. I love a shower. Both a real shower and a baby shower. And I love that you will be sending the alcohol because I tell you, mommy needs some of that happy juice when dealing with a 1 year old. They say the terrible twos are worse but he is already falling out IN PUBLIC. Pass the martini and I will write you in the morning for advice!

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