I am definitely in the wrong industry

“Okay mommy, we’re going to play that I’m the mommy and you’re the kid and I’m going to tell you I’m going to work and you’re going to ask me if you can come. “

“Sounds good, Thalia.”

“Okayyy…I’m going to work now, kid…”

“Can I come, mommy?”


“What do you do at work mommy?”

“I go to where the jellybeans are, to look at them and make sure the jellybeans are all okay.”

“That’s what you do for work?”


“You are a jellybean caretaker?”

“Yes! And you can come. And I put them all in a box and then there is paper and I take the paper off and I am very careful and then I put them back and then I make sure they are okay and then I can eat them. And then we jump! Jump, jump!”

“And that’s what you do at work?”

“That’s what I do at work.”


35 thoughts on “I am definitely in the wrong industry”

  1. haha…bean counter…i love it.hey…we actually toured the Jelly Belly factory in california..and i am pretty sure that Thalia’s job actually does exist!is it sad that we drove by Napa Valley and go to the Jelly Belly factory instead?? Or just motherhood?

  2. I need a sugar-focused job too.There’s a Jelly Belly factory outlet store about an hour from here, and last time we were there, we picked up some Belly Flops – discounted imperfect beans. Loved the name.

  3. Oh goodness my — to see it all through their eyes… I don’t think I’m ready to know what my daughter thinks I do when I leave her every morning — maybe I’ll be ready by time she can talk 🙂

  4. If you actually do work at the Jelly Belly factory, I’m totally moving to New York to marry you!When my oldest was in Kindergarten she was asked what her Mommy did at work. Her reply? “She eats lunch.”

  5. That's a brilliant job!Emily thinks that “Daddy works in the garden”. She wants to visit him there all the time. It's because the german word for -work- is -arbeiten- , & she understood “a-garden- , so now she is convinced that's where he goes to.

  6. Where does one get a job like that because I’m fairly certain I could do it and possibly excel like no other job I’ve held before.

  7. Wait, this whole time I’ve been sitting behind a desk, answering phones and saying “good morning!” to people over and over again, when there’s a job out there where I can MAKE SURE JELLYBEANS ARE OKAY??? Where to I send my resume?

  8. That does sound like an awesome job. Also – Lady M, Belly Flops that is spectacular!In Tasmania there is a Cadbury factory, my parents and i went on the tour and it was like some strange mix of Matilda and Charlie and the Chocolate factory – in other words AWESOME.

  9. I want to go where the jelly beans are and take care of them. Do they pay jelly bean caretakers more than they pay teachers? I’m in.

  10. Well, I’m a teacher and sometimes I feel like a jelly belly caretaker! (But I don’t eat them!)

  11. Jellybeans! My favorite. Is Thalia’s company hiring? I’ve got a resume, and references!

  12. If they’ve got a good retirement plan, I’m totally in.Of course, even if they don’t have a good retirement plan, I’m still interested.

  13. read the first line, had a feeling…confirmed, laughing tears here! Can’t wait for the day till I hear similar from the mouths of my babes. Thanks for sharing these pinches of your life.

  14. Did you know that if you work at the Cadbury factory you can eat all the chocolate you want. Honestly.

  15. I am new to this site and have to say I have found this so refreshing!!! I love to hear mothers say … het so my kids are not child prodigies, i dont consult a nutritionist for meal plans, and sometimes they DRIVE ME Crazy!!! thanks everyone for letting me know I am part of the norm.I know this has nothing to do with this post i just had to say THANK YOU Mom101

  16. Yes, I want that job. Especially working with the black jelly beans. Mmmm. Jelly beans.What I want to know is, and maybe you can help me here – since you work in the industry – why can’t they make jelly beans that go well with beer?

  17. Wow! I love it when they pretend to go to work. At least it’s fun for them before they get in the real world!

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