Safe toys for kids this holiday: Good thing to buy if you ask me

Oh man I’ve been so swept up in election-y matters that I totally forgot to mention -The second annual Cool Mom Picks Safer Toy Guide is here.

We’ve rounded up truly safe toys for kids from baby teethers and rattles to cool ride-ons and handmade dolls so that whatever you get the little people in your life, you can rest a little easier, support some great small artists and boutique owners, and keep more plastic junk from China out of the landfills.

Also, you’ll save a crapload on batteries.

Plus if you add the purdy button above on your own blog you could win $600 worth of awesome goodies for the kids (check the guide for details). Pretty fair trade if you ask me.

For more on how to pick safer toys for your kids, check out our post on the Alpha Mom Guide to Everything.


10 thoughts on “Safe toys for kids this holiday: Good thing to buy if you ask me”

  1. I put it up on my site. I can use the good karma for sure. 😉If I could possibly win something, even better. I’ve never won a dam thing in my entire freaking life though, so I won’t be holding my breath.

  2. Hooray for no batteries! I never replace them anyway. And I will definitely add the “purdy” to my site.

  3. I just found your blog while searching for safe toys for my store .I love the information you provide, your blog is funny and smart.I would love to know, what you all think about the controversial child immunization starting such an early age.I will keep checking back with you.

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