Because I’m a total word nerd

God I love finding sites like Rhyme Zone

rhymes for skin:

bathtub gin
bobby pin
cadual fin
christ within
conjoined twin
cotter pin
deadly sin

(come on, sing it to the tune of INXS mediate!)

drawing pin
the flour bin
the gudgeon pin
the kissing kin
the light within
the looney bin has Mickey Finn
a mortal sin
the motor inn
the next of kin plays violin
the skittle pin
a cotton gin
you have to win
like Huckleberry Finn
in West Berlin

[snap snap snap snap snap]


11 thoughts on “Because I’m a total word nerd”

  1. Now I know why your Christmas cards aren’t ready. . .or, dare I ask if you were working on them when you were looking for a rhyme for “skin”—could be an interesting photo this year.(oh, but I love this stuff too)

  2. What bothers me the most is that I realized “cadual fin” should be “caudal fin.” Apparently I’m not only a word nerd I’m a biology nerd. (And I’ve got the dissected frog to show for it.)I love this site!

  3. I totally didn’t need the prompt for INXS, I was already there, sister! Thanks for sharing the funny stuff.

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