After a mere 94 hours of deliberation, the cats have names

Okay you crazy cat-namers you. I’m am stunned at the response here. Was it the prizes? You’re all secret Mariah Carey perfume fans? Or you all just really like naming cats.

In any case, the names have been chosen after much deliberation.

(And really, what in tarnation would ever make me think Nate and I could agree quickly considering it took us 8 months to figure out what to name the baby.)

Here were a few typical conversations around cat names that I had this week. Just so you know what I’ve been enduring here.

Me: Thalia, what would you like to name the cats?
Thalia: Poop and Doop.
Me: I’ll add it to the list.

Me: Nate, we really have to name the cats. Did you look at the list on my blog?
Nate: I have to say, I’m actually leaning towards the person who wrote #8 and #8 Green.
Me: That was Christina‘s 4 year-old son.
Nate: Well, it’s awesome. He has a future in comedy.
Me: I’m not naming our cats based on a possible punchline for a joke you will never write.
Nate: Why not?
Me: Just…no.
Nate: Think about it. They’re great names.

Me: Thalia, any new names for the cats?
Thalia: Maybeeeeee…Cat and Dat.
Me: Awesome.
Thali: I made a rhyme! Cat and Dat!
Me: Good job honey.

Me: We’re thinking of naming the brown one Chorizo.
My Dad: That’s a terrible name for a cat!
Me: Thanks a lot. And this is from someone who named their fluffy white dog after a designer handbag.
My Dad: Well, we didn’t know at the time. We named him after the country, Cuba. Where he’s from.
Me: I told you right away about the bag.
My Stepmother: Well we had already named him by then. It was too late.
Me: And Fendi was taken.

Me: Okay, I’ve pulled out a few that I really like.
Nate: And…?
Me: Eartha Kitt. A few people suggested it.
Nate: No.
Me: Kafka? Mrs. Kafka?
Nate: What about the people who suggested Taylor? Or Gibbs? Or Monk?
Me: For the Redskins? No. These are not your cats! They’re for the girls! Church was kind of fun. Like Churchill?
Nate: How about Atheist?
Me: Sushi is really cute.
Nate: I would like it if they looked even remotely Asian.
Me: Yeah, they’re kind of generic cats aren’t they. I also liked either Pancake or Waffle – the kids’ favorite foods.
Nate: Their only foods.
Me: Cheerios? White Rice?

Me: You know, someone just suggested Fluffer.
Nate: Heh.

Me: Okay, so we kind of have something for the brown cat. What about the gray cat? What’s gray? Oh wait! I suddenly get the Dorian/Agnes reference. That’s funny!
Nate: Grey Goose?
Me: Someone suggested Earl Grey.
Nate: Better for a boy cat.
Me: The Gray Lady…the New York Times. We could name her Maureen Dowd. Or Food Section.
Nate: Frank Bruni. Or Iamtheassholefrankbruni.

Me: How about something Shakespearean? You know, in the spirit of Desdemona.
Nate: WHAT? That’s horrible! A writer using a literary name. How pretentious! How stupid!
Me: But Nate, you’re a foodie. You work in a restaurant. You want to name the cats after your favorite cured meat product.
Nate: What? Totally different. Not even the same.
Me: Right.

You can see what I’ve been up against.

In any case, I let Nate name one (what can I say, it grew on me) and Thalia name the other.

May I present to you…


(Sagey says ‘Rizo and that’s good enough for me. Plus it sounds like Riso which is indeed one of the girls’ four foods!)


And Oh my God if it’s not the cutest thing in the world hearing a 19 month-old yelling HI PIPI! HI PIPI! while chasing a terrified little kitten around the house – well, then I don’t know what.

Now onto the prizes.

Ginrod takes it all.

I’m convinced that her suggestion of Pork led Nate to Chorizo (although he denies it). Plus after Thalia threw out Pipi, I checked the comments, and wouldn’t you know it, Ginrod had that one too. She’s like a cat-naming savant! Email me and we’ll talk prizing. (And damn lady, do you have to live overseas? Sheesh.)

Thanks so much for the help everyone. You are all amazing. I’m almost thinking about getting another one just so you can name it. But not really.


28 thoughts on “After a mere 94 hours of deliberation, the cats have names”

  1. Chorizo is an excellent name for a cat. My cat is named Nacho, although truth be told it’s short for Ignacio. But I like it because it rhymes with barracho (spanish for drunk). Nacho barracho, he is muy guapo.

  2. Well, my son will be thrilled to know that he was in the running for naming your cats.Does Pipi rhyme with “pippy” or “peepee”? I’m hoping the former, but the latter would be funnier.

  3. I’ve never been good at naming cats… my dad came up with all the names in our house growing up. I like Chorizo and Pipi though! I hope Pipi doesn’t live up to her name :0)

  4. Definitely Pipi like Pip-ee. Not like pee-pee. Thalia already gets upset when Nate says pee-pee. He’s like, <>What? I’m just saying it with a French accent!<>

  5. Love the names. And so freaking glad you didn’t go with Church – not because I’m an atheist, but because that was the cat’s name in Pet Sematary.

  6. Like the names! I feel pretty honored to have even been discussed (I suggested Pancake & Waffle, the names of 2 of my sons' build a bear animals).

  7. Oh, those kittens are super cute! I love the little brown one, especially. I’m a sucker for brown cats (I had a Burmese once). Great names, too.

  8. Awww…Chorizo looks like my cat. Who’s name is actually Captain Jack..who I call stupid damn cat..who answers to it. Heh.

  9. Congratulations! They are both so cute and their names are perfect! Enjoy – my girls lived for 17 and 19 years, respectively. With any luck, Thalia will want to take them to college with her! 😉

  10. Totally thought you went with peepee, and glad you’re not. Whew. Although that would make for a lot of future blog posts.

  11. What adorable kitties! I wish I’d had a blog when we got our cat, who, I hate to admit, does not have a name. Her file at the vet’s office just says “Kitty”. It’s so embarrassing.

  12. They are awfully cute. (And I have a friend with a cat named kafka, but mine is named Henry.) then again, for something wildly original, you could have turned to good old word verification. ie right now? Drescali. Right?

  13. Those are great names for cats.I had a friend who named his cats “Cat” and “Astrophe”, which I thought was really funny.

  14. Chorizo is a great name for a tortie!My sister got kittens over the holidays and named them Starsky and Hutch (ignoring all of the excellent suggestions I got from my Twitter peeps).

  15. Damn! When I go offline, I miss all the good stuff. Great names, great kitties. We had a pair of tortie cats for years, named Priscilla & Elvis, naturally. I predict PiPi will evolve into PEE PEE as the years go by. Men love any excuse to use bathroom humor. Tim was in heaven when Grace did her planet project about…Uranus.

  16. i’m so glad we had a dog name in waiting for if we ever got a dog. now we can NEVER get a second the names!

  17. Great names! Although I prefer Chorizo because Pipi means pee in Italian. But you don’t speak Italian (I think), so that doesn’t matter to you. My parents would never let me live it down though (they speqak Italian. Only Italian, in fact.)hello kitties!

  18. Oh, LOVE. Do you pronounce Chorizo in the Spanish style, with a ‘th’ for the ‘z’? Because that would be cool.I still think that they should have been called Stacy and Clinton, but maybe I’ll save those for my twin bulldogs.

  19. Adorable kittens, great names! Happy New Year from Lysa, Gary, Tabbey Road Tiggers Bounce, Harry Houdini Underfoot, Pyewacket, Mungojerrie (Mojo) and Rumpelteazer (Teazyka).

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