The things we do for the people we love

Watch this 600 times in a row. Because apparently if you’re three, it’s the single funniest thing in the world. FUNNIEST. EVER! THERE IS NO EQUAL. Watch it with your own children and share in my misery.

2. Say snarky things about our friends who are going through a tough time in their lives. Well, not really snarky. More like…funny snarky? Click over to Cynical Dad to check out part 1 of the blogger roast for Tanis, the Redneck Mommy. Because if any blogger merits a roast, it’s a mother willing to suck Redi-Whip right out of the can on her blog like some adolescent My Space whore.

And Tanis? I’m sorry I called you an 82 year-old Jewish man from Boca. I meant to call you an adolescent My Space whore.


18 thoughts on “The things we do for the people we love”

  1. i’m going to start calling all my loved ones adolescent myspace whores. in fact, i’ll start right now by calling my sister.thanks, mom101!

  2. Good news for you: 4-year-olds don’t find the sugar bowl quite so hilarious. At least mine didn’t.My 2-year-old, however, is now walking around the house saying, “I’m a sugar bowl.” Thanks a lot!

  3. Three year olds may find it hilarious, but four year olds? Not impressed at all. So at least it won’t last much longer.

  4. So, that was like the equivalent to someone saying “Oh My GOSH! This smells terrible! Here, you smell…” My twin 2 year old boys just kept saying, in creepy unison…“MORE!”Good times… ;o)

  5. I don’t know; I think she’s both. Multiple personality and all.And I’m overwhelmingly thankful that for once, no children who can speak are with me as I watch that video.

  6. My 22 month keeps saying, “More! More! More!” I had to tell him the sugar bowl went night-night.

  7. OMG!! that teapot is the cutest thing EVER!!! lolwow… i think i just plunked myself right into “adolescent myspace whore” territory.and what, pray tell, is so wrong with sucking reddi-whip out of the bottle???!!! 😀

  8. wow.when my son was about 3 he used to watch the comedic brilliance that is tim and eric(.com) with me. It wasn’t litered with cuss words or anything, but it wasn’t made for tots if you know what i mean.he invited grandma in the office one day to see his ‘favorite movie’. he cried when i protested. thank god my grandma’s cool.more importantly, thank god it was timanderic instead of the delusional sugar bowl i had to watch for hours on end.

  9. Good god, you’re right. I watched it by myself first and thought, “Ha! There’s no way my comedically advanced 3 year old will find that amusing.” Incorrect. She didn’t even see it, she just <>heard it<> from the other room, came running in and starting chuckling, “Sugar bowl? Heh, heh. Sugar bowl! He’s a sugar bowl!”

  10. Unbelievble. My 3-year-old watched it over and over until nap time until he actually started reenacting it. The giggling is precious though and well worth it. LMAO.

  11. Okay, I totally have the sense of humor of a three year old. I thought that was pretty funny. I even laughed out loud. 🙂

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