Why I’m loving the Christian Science Monitor today

We say we write for ourselves, here in this weird place that most of our parents and friends have yet to understand. But we kind of don’t. We hope people are reading. And I don’t mean marketers exactly. (Well, at least some of us.)

When we write, we hope to varying degrees that we’ve touched people in some way, connected with someone, made someone’s day a little happier. We love the personal letters in our inboxes, and the comments thanking us for providing a kindred spirit in the 3 AM crazies, troubled pregnancies, or fear of Midwestern hair.

So when we have the chance to reach a broader audience, we’re always grateful. As I was when the Christian Science Monitor asked if they could republish my Sanctimommy essay. Only without the sex with Danny Bonaduce reference.

(They also asked me if I would like six billion dollars for it and I said nah, I’m happy just to be published. That’s the kind of thing we writers do.)

And in a brilliant move right out of the Mom-101 playbook, the day it runs, I’m leading with a post about sex and chocolate with the f-word right at the top.

Sorry CSM readers. I swear I don’t usually curse until at least the third paragraph.


24 thoughts on “Why I’m loving the Christian Science Monitor today”

  1. I love Sanctimommy – and I don’t love Sanctimommies.

    They exist when kids are teenagers too. I always tell my kids that “all families are different” and that I don’t care what the others kids are doing, or about their clothes, curfews or allowances, where they might go to college o how they can stay home overnight alone (can you STAND it?) I admit I sometimes privately think (sometimes) that I’m the one who’s doing it right.

    Then I remember all families are different.

  2. I was just talking about your Sanctimommy post – JUST last night – and about how awesome and everywoman-relevant and perfectly, perfectly, perfectly true.

    Chocolate and sex and the f-bomb, however, are also true and awesome. So.

  3. What irony! How perfect! (Wonder how many eye rolls among the click-throughs?)

    Both the chocolate and the CSM posts are well written and funny, so you’re consistently delivering. What more could your readers ask for?

  4. rofl. that’s like when I get all political and have some big ol’ political speaking gig and everyone comes to my site to see my daughter’s photo and a story about her screaming ‘VAGINA’…I’m so glad we’re not boring. lol

  5. Awesome! Absolutely loved the post — hadn’t read it before. Aren’t we all Santimommies at some point? Congrats on being published!

  6. Yay, Liz! Congratulations! I knew Sanctimommy was a homerun!

  7. awesome. love that post. We are all doing our best (except the mullets, I mean come on, that is NOT somebody’s best).

    or maybe it is.

  8. Well done! The Internet has made a sport out of Sanctimommy-ness, and it’s making us all a tad paranoid. Thanks for calling it as you see it.

  9. Congrats, and great essay! And that was really very noble of you, refusing the six billion dollars. I mean, with the state of newspapers being what they are, I’m sure the CSM needs every little six billion dollars they can get.

  10. haha! Well, you may have attracted a bunch of new readers *because* of the swearing and, of course, the chocolate…and sex!

    Congrats! LOVE that post. Glad it’s getting even more exposure.

  11. So cool! I’ve had some essays run on CSM and I’m quite fond of them since they clearly have great taste.


  12. I feel as if the F-word in the first paragraph of a post is the only way to start the day. Sometimes I just sing the word ‘fuck’ aimlessly to the tune of a song when I am unsure of the real words.It’s the most fun to the tune of the Macarena. Don’t judge.

  13. A couple things – despite the eye-rolls, I suspect you will get some regular readers from the CSM. Your stuff is funny, relevant and on-target, and that will be appreciated by the community of new moms, so many of whom have lost the community of extended family that once was routinely so close.
    Also, having read the Sanctimommy story in the CSM, just wanted to tell you that “they” (meaning those in the breast-feeding professional circles like La Leche) have known for well over a decade now that breast milk is so toxic that it wouldn’t be allowed on the shelves under current FDA rules. They still recomment it for its bonding and immunity-building properties though.

  14. You know, it’s good for them. And I say that as a card-carrying Lutheran. ha!

    I’m glad the Sanctimommy got some ink. It’s a brilliant post, and nothing makes me happier than crossover writing.

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