So long, farewell, don’t let the door hit you on the way out you little plastic tools of evil

Saturday night I decided it was time. I told Sage that it was the right moment to give her binkies up for some babies who need them. She wasn’t biting.

That is, until I said that we could send them to Margot.

Margot, whom Sage adored when she came to visit last month. Margot, who “sleeps in my crib sometimes.” Margot, who needs those binkies right now this very minute!

(Ignore the fact that Margot has never actually taken a binky. Eh, details.)

And so as we did with Thalia two years ago, we put those well-used pacifiers in an envelope to “mail them to Atlanta.” I asked Sage what she wanted to say to Margot and I would write it on the envelope for her.

Thank you!
You’re welcome!

I guess I was feeling daring because we decided to ditch the bottles the very same night. And considering we’ve now made it a full 48 hours including last night’s extended PukeFest 09 double feature, I think I can safely say we’re done. No bottles, no binkies, no frantic late-night searches for either.

Am I supposed to be sentimental about this? Because I’m not. Not even one bit.


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  1. We gave up the binkies about ten months ago. To the Binky Fairy, who took them to needy babies. And who left a bicycle in return.

    My child is clearly not as giving as yours. She needed PAYBACK.

  2. Leave it to Mom 101 to get rid of the binkies and teach her daughter the value of gifting and recycling all in one! You're my heroine!

  3. I can't believe I made Santa the fall guy. Ittybit had to fork over her binks to Santa if she wanted presents. (I am such a jerk).

  4. Ah, in our house, the Paci Lady came for them all, and left a stuffed green Teletubbie (this was 1998) in their place.

    It took my daughter getting a rash around her mouth until I was ready for her to give them up.

    Because, it's all about me, y'know.

  5. When our oldest was just over 2, we gave them to the Easter Bunny at the mall. I think he's still traumatized (probably more by the man in the bunny costume). But 1.5 yrs later and he still remembers.

    Can't wait for next Easter when his little brother repeats history! I love them while we use them but by about aged 2 we've had enough.

  6. Awesome for you and Sage! That's how we did it with both my kids, gave them away to other babies. Turned out to be not that hard.

  7. Good for you, great move. I am going to file that away in the “I might need this mom move” file. Although my son didn't use one, that doesn't mean it couldn't happen in the future. Congrats on being a binky and bottle free home

  8. We had the pacifier fairy come one day. We left the binkies in a box with a note, and the fairy left behind 2 small gifts (1 for each binky) and a note about how proud she was that my daughter was giving them up. It was a major hit.

  9. I wish. Getting rid of the paci was a painful process for us and it all began with me giving a glorious endorsement for the magical paci fairy. That was followed by the 4 year old (yes, 4) saying, “I don't think so.” And THAT was followed by five hellish nights.

    I bow to you.

  10. Love it. I went another route with my 4. I never introduced bottles and binkies, and then I was the one crying when I had to make them give up the boob. Choices and motherhood go together, and it's totally cool that you feel zero guilt. Loved this post.

  11. awww I remember when I took the binkies away. I kept them, still have them, I'm sure they stink because I never thought to clean them before storing them. EWWW.

  12. We went binkie free in our house at 6 months. (yes really…) One day my son just stopped wanting it. It was very strange… no weaning, no fussing, no midnight frantic flashlight searches, just *patooie* every time we offered it, and that was that…

    Are we weird?

  13. I wish I knew about this “method” when weaning my kids. I breastfed, but after 2+ years of it, sadly I *could* have fit my deflated breasts into a manila envelope.

  14. When I was…ahem..too old to have a binkie anymore (I called it a dodi), my mom's best friend told me if I threw it in the ocean it would meet me in America (we were living in Ireland at the time, about to move back to the US). So I did, and I never thought about it again.

  15. A couple of my friends used “The Binky Fairy” who came in the night tooth fairy-style and took the binkies in exchange for a toy.

    Gabriel never had one (not because I'm holier than thou, just because he was a difficult little toad), so I never had to worry about it.

    Good job though!

  16. I think the parents have a hard time giving some things up than the kids do. I know it was that way with my kids and bottles.

  17. only one of mine had a binky. But I have to say it was harder for her to give up her bottle than her bink. O.M. GAHHH

  18. Now all we need is a cute little baby my daughter cares about. We're about to make a major (cross-country) move and I can tell she's a bit stressed out by the changes as she wants her binky all the damn time now. Coupled with the hubby being out of town and them having a summer cold, I don't have the heart to deny her. Or maybe I just can't take the whining.

    After we move, though…! Maybe. Our dentist said it wasn't doing her any harm and there wasn't a hurry to get rid of it.

  19. Woot!

    It was not fun going through the pacifier weaning of my older son. The baby doesn't use a pacifier – he suck his thumb, which I'm sure will be even more fun of a habit to change. It's not like we can mail the thumb to Margot.

  20. This is definitely something I'll keep in mind for when my son is at an age when I can get him to stop using his binky. What a genius idea!

  21. You're crazy. No way in hell I'm kicking off the terrible twos without pacis. With one, Scarlett is happy to lie on my bed and watch me “Shred”. With one, Scarlett will look out the window all the way to LA in the car from SF. With one, she will nap in a roomful of other toddlers. I wish I had one for myself.

  22. OMG, I must be the root of all evil.

    My son gave them up on his own and while my daughter never really took to the suss, she still appreciated having it around. I, however, just got rid of them one day. No binky fairy, no needy baby, no nothing.

    Yikes. No wonder she delights in making my life miserable.

  23. That has to be the best way to get rid of a binky and encourage sharing all in one lesson!!
    Good for you!! Wish I had thought of that!

  24. My neighbor showed up the other night and had her daughter and the daughter's binkie in a bag. Since I have a little baby girl, the neighbor told the daughter it was time for my Kennedy to have it. It was so cute and stupid at the same time. 🙂

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