What happens in Vegas goes right on the blog.

The people of Vegas are not like you and me.

This is a place where the skirts are smaller than some belts I own.

And what would be considered a wardrobe malfunction anywhere else is, in fact, a deliberate style choice.

This is a place where it’s not unusual to see a sign reading THIS WAY TO THE BARRY MANILOW STORE.

And people are actually following it.

The hottest towel north of Havana.

I’m here with my Cool Mom Picks colleagues Kristen and Julie and pretty much the entire juvenile product industry for a trade show, and in less than 18 hours, we’ve already gawked and giggled and pointed and gawked some more, enough to last us the whole week.

If you’ve ever wanted to know where acid washed jean shorts go to die? Where peroxide is a commodity? Where I am apparently the only person who doesn’t know what a Bumpit is?

It’s Vegas.

God I love it here.


33 thoughts on “What happens in Vegas goes right on the blog.”

  1. I love Vegas! I got married there 5 years ago and I've been hooked ever since. Hoping to go back next spring/early summer!

    Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  2. thanks for the link, i will sleep easier now that i know what a bumpit is…
    i was in vegas once. being there made me want to drink heavily, do drugs and gamble. i didn't, but boy did i ever want to.

  3. Umm, am I missing something or is that Bumpit not a headband with big scary teeth?

    Vegas is so not for me.

  4. I was in Vegas in May for the first time. Loved it. What a crazy, crazy place. I had a few observations of my own, some of which were pretty much along the same lines as yours: http://bit.ly/JlA68

    Have a great time!

  5. Yes, I want to dry my wet body with the smiling face of Barry Manilow. Sounds so wrong, doesn't it?

    Have a great time. I've never been to Vegas but you paint a pretty interesting picture.

  6. A teacher friend of mine saw a Bumpit on an otherwise adorable five-year old. She jokingly offered to buy one for my daughter's upcoming first birthday (tomorrow–woo hoo!), but luckily, HP doesn't have the necessary amount of hair on her head. First time I've been happy about that! 😉

  7. I'm cracking up right now at your first line. I just got home from Vegas last night. I thought I'd seen some of the weirdest things ever. Then I went to Vegas for three days.

    Have a great trip.

  8. “The Bumpit….For those times when you don't have a giant tumor on the top of your head but really wish you did.”

    WOW! I should go into advertising!

  9. I'm with you on this one. Vegas definitely has it's own fashion rules. I love the comment about skirts smaller than some belts you own! So true!

  10. “Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl
    With yellow feathers in her hair and a dress cut down to there.”

    Oh, how I love that song. Pure cheese, just like Vegas, I'm sure.

  11. We honeymooned in Vegas and it was the most fun ever. But yes, I felt like the most boring person in the desert.

  12. Man, I love that town. But if I lived there, I would have to have some serious “work” done.

  13. I was really hoping the Bumpit would be something more scandalous. I think they used things like that to form beehives in the '60s… they called them rats. Fetching.

  14. You know it's bad when reality reminds you of They Might Be Giants.

    “Everybody wants prosthetic
    Foreheads on their real heads”

  15. I live In Las Vegas and their are alot of familys that live here. Please Don't look at the Strip and think this is Las Vegas. I have a home and a family and we are like everyone else. What you are looking at one the strip is a show.

    ” we've already gawked and giggled and pointed and gawked some more, enough to last us the whole week” And the people that you are Pointing at are from your home towns, they are not from Vegas. People that live in Vegas don't visit the strip. When I go there I go for the awesome shopping or some of the best beauty conventions not to hang on the strip.They are the toursit like you.
    Go outside of the strip and see some of the Most amazing homes that are filled with familys that are Like You?

  16. HAHAH…I have bumpits, but have only used the teeny tiny ones to do the front poof 😛
    Hey, I had pink hair a few months ago…so nothing else I do should be even remotely shocking.

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