The Yankees Parade: The view from a New Yorker

Let’s just say you can’t beat the view, the snacks are free, and the temperature is downright balmy.


6 thoughts on “The Yankees Parade: The view from a New Yorker”

  1. You'd figure that with all the money the Steinbrenner clan are willing to spend on the Yankees, that they could use some of their riches to either fly all fans someplace warm for the parade or just burn more money ignited by a fossil fuel to make the ozone layer disappear and make the parade in New York balmy for all.

  2. Looks good – I have a Canadian Friend who is living in New York and was going to this parade – need to see your perspective!

  3. As a Red Sox fan, I'm happy for all of my Yankee friends, and overjoyed that A-Rod was not the MVP!

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