Things you can buy at Chuck E Cheese for 43 tickets as we learned this morning

-4 mini Tootsie Pops


-Bunch o’ wiggly plasticky lobster looking things

-Bracelet with estimated lifespan of 6 days
-Licensed character stickers with characters I’ve never seen in my life and kind of scared my kids.

-4 Plastic Choking Hazards of Unknown Function


-1/5 fake plastic vomit


33 thoughts on “Things you can buy at Chuck E Cheese for 43 tickets as we learned this morning”

  1. One would think after all these years, the great Chuck would give out better prizes. But nope, they are still crap.

  2. Those bracelets last 6 days in your house? Wow – they might last 1/2 hour in mine. 🙂

  3. I wish places like that could find something more practical to give away. Kudos to the bracelets lasting 6 days though- that might be a record!

  4. This is why I spend the whole time playing ski ball, to get the tickets so that my son can pick out a “good” prize…which is still some scary plastic bug, a sucker and usually a random coloring page that is ruined before we get out of the car.

    Fun times.

  5. Oh, dear Lord, my daughter is there at a birthday party right now. Ten bucks says she comes home with the lobster thingies.

  6. I am endlessly grateful that so far, my husband, parents and in-laws have done the Chuck E. Cheese trips. The very idea makes me kind of itchy.

  7. Wow and that is in NYC I wonder what we would get at our Chuck E Cheese with 43 tickets…maybe our bracelet would last 7 days although my daughter would most likely break it before we were out the door!

  8. And yet it is STILL my 10 yr old sister's favourite place in the world, four years running. We tried to save the tickets to get a lava lamp priced at 2000… We kept losing them at home. I think they still have the lava lamp though!

  9. C.E.C was relatively new, at least in the Southeast, when I was a parent the first time around. By the time my girls were old enough to want to go, I was a poor single mommy, who managed to avoid it. Even birthday invites to it seemed to happen on weekends they would be out of town with their dad.

    So, now I'm a parent again with a small boy. His oldest sister is now married, & threatening grandchildren next year or the year after. I wonder how much longer I can avoid crossing the threshold?

  10. It was my first time Steph. It was early enough that it wasn't the worst experience of my life. I spent all the tokens on the Simpsons game while the kids played in the climby thing.

    But that show? The one on the video with the bad music and the guy who comes out dressed like the rat? They lost me there.

  11. I hear that they're giving those tickets out at the arcade in MU's basement!

    Prizes include no cadmium. But probably lots of batteries.

  12. My kids used to play there in the ball pit (before they figured out that's where H1N1 originated) and crawled around in the Habitrail. Now, it's just kiddie-casino. Honestly, the bracelets would break before we got to the car.

  13. Cadmium. ugh. Better throw them away. I try to keep my children away from toxic stuff as much as possible.

  14. I hate that place. I remember explaining to my daughter that I didn't want to spend $20 on games so she could get enough tickets to buy a $5 barbie, and her being really ticked off at me. Ugh.

    I'm glad to not have gone back since, and that my daughter has outgrown any desire to go there. Especially since they recently built one MUCH closer to us than the other hell place.

  15. I've said it before and I'll say it again…Chuck E. DISEASES is the 3rd ring of hell and should be avoided at all costs! The fact that monsieur mouse is trying to ply our kids with choking hazards and radioactive materials (it is radioactive,no?) is not at all comforting.


  16. I have never taken my son to Chuck-e-cheese but I am have been thinking about it. I might have to rethink this option now

  17. My child is 5 and has never been to Chuck E. Cheese. Don't hate me!!! I.JUST.CAN'T.DO.IT. At least until I have no choice.

    I do take her to Fat Cats occassionally, where 43 tickets will get you a plastic sword so you can pretend you're a Muskateer.

  18. I remember going to CEC fairly often when I was a kid in the late 80's. Like another commenter, I mostly remember the ball pit, cheese maze/crawl thing, and ski ball. I had at least one b-day party there. The b-day kid would go up on stage with CEC and he would guess how old you were – if he was wrong you got to take his tail and “spank” him the number of years old you were. We have taken our 3 toddlers to the new one in our town a couple times. I don't mind Saturday mornings, but I will never, ever go back on a Friday night – once was crazy enough.

  19. Migraine- yes. Free. What's best about it is that after you get a migraine, you immediately feel great relief.

  20. Chuck E Cheese is a parent's nightmare. You spend that much money playing games, and then your kid thinks their getting a stuffed teddy bear….but NOPE…4 mini tootsie rolls instead.

    So, then you end up having to go buy here a stuffed teddy bear…which if you knew up front that was what she wanted, you'd have done that instead of going to Chuck E and wasting all that money.

    (I'm not bitter about it at all though…)

  21. We just happened to go there this weekend too, and I couldn't believe how crappy the prizes were! The guy was kind enough to let us trade in our tickets for some lolipops even though we fell short.

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