When I hear my kids giggling, chasing each other and squealing like little girls do, it is the single greatest sound in the entire world.

When I hear your kids doing it, it’s kind of annoying.


32 thoughts on “Confession”

  1. Somehow, I picture you saying this while fidgeting with your hearing aids and shaking your cane while yelling at the kids to “GET OFF MY LAWN!”

    It's kinda hot, really.

  2. It's kind of amazing what we'll tolerate from our kids but not from others isn't it?

    Just wait until you start having sleepovers and you want to kill someone else's child. *sigh*

  3. Yep. I like my own kids okay (most of the time!). Other people's kids? Not so much. And I'm so hearing Steph on the sleepovers and wanting to kill someone else's kid.

  4. Amen. I liked a lot more kids in general before I had my own kids. Then I found other people's children became a lot more annoying.

  5. Very true, although I have to say I've become much more tolerant when it comes to other kids ever since I became a mom.

  6. ahahaha! You don't know how timely this is, and that's why it's even funnier to me.

    My daughter just had a double sleepover last week, and I barely survived it. And so did they. When did girls become so fucking annoying? How did a shy, lovely girl suddenly turn into a giggly, screechy pest who kept commenting on how things are done differently at her house?

    I literally had to keep the windows closet not to toss her out.

    But I do like other people's kids. Some of them. Yours are pretty friggin' adorable 🙂

  7. Oh, Liz. Those children of yours are little loves. I can't stand other people's children generally. Giggling or otherwise. But yours I could probably tolerate. (They could play superhero with mine.)

  8. not a nice person when I said, “I love my baby, but I really don't like other people's kids very much”… I feel so much better now! Thank you!

  9. oh well said. And proven, without you knowing it, while I accompanied my son's K class on a field trip today. His chatter: charming. Chatter of other children: oh good lord stop talking about CARS for godsake.

  10. On the other hand, when your kids break into tears and bickering over some obscure provision in the fine print of the board game rules, it makes me laugh.

    When my kids do it, I want to tear my hair out.


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