Mom-101’s First Postulate of the Jersey Shore

First Postulate: Some people really do need to wear bras.

Second Postulate: Some people really do need to wear bras. Not all of them are women.

Third Postulate: The names Snooki, Pauly D, and The Situation are not to be mentioned in the company of those who own multi-million dollar oceanfront property.

Fourth Postulate: Wawa is a religion


15 thoughts on “Mom-101’s First Postulate of the Jersey Shore”

  1. You know, my grandparents lived on the Jersey Shore and we went there for years. I definitely prefer my childhood memories to knowing about things like Snooki or The Situation.

  2. We'll be Jersey ships passing in the night – I'll “ching” my Wawa sub and coffee with you as we're driving down and you're driving back.

    Also, on the 7th day God created WAWA.


  3. They should divide the shore into zones – the “I love Snooki” zone, the “Snooki makes me want to hide under my beach towel” zone and a small “What is Snooki and why hasn't Phipps brought me my vodka gimlet yet?” zone.

  4. Just yesterday my 5 year old daughter said to me: “Mommy? There are some boys, some fat boys, who kind of look like they have boobs. But they don't wear bras.”

    P.S. Do they allow DIY fireworks on the Jersey Shore?

  5. We go “down the shore” with my German in-laws, so we shop at the “Va-Va” in “Vildvood.”

    Make sure you check out the lovely T-shirts on the Boardwalk with bon mots about how Italian girls “do it” and completely inappropriate shirts in size 2-T that start at “I'm a boob man” and get worse from there.


  6. About that second one? I saw a prepubescent boy yesterday, on the beach, with breast that were saggier than mine…


  7. There's “TV Jersey Shore” and real life Jersey shore. All I can say is that the TV version is radically different from the one I grew up in. FYI, Snookie and cast are imports. They aren't really from that part of NJ.

  8. I grew up spending summers on the Jersey Shore and chose to ignore a lot of things in my years there, i.e. the snookis and da situations. Instead, even as a kid, I preferred to concentrate on the white sand, the waves, the salty breezes, the pizza and the sunsets. Enjoy, all east coast folk, I'm a southern california girl now!

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