The way to a writer’s head is through her face

Everyone at work makes fun of me for my “writing faces.” (Oh, the joy of an office with a huge glass sliding door.)

I can’t help it. When I write, I act out the words. I feel the dialogue. I internalize the stories and out it comes on my face. Whether I’m writing a blog post about my deepest darkest thoughts, dry legal disclaimers, or a headline that I’ve been told must somehow incorporate the words “absorbent,” “happy” and “life-changing.”

Here’s what you would see should you pass my office at any given moment on the way to the coffee machine.

Warning: These are actual unretouched faces. Not necessarily safe for work, pregnant women or small children who frighten easily.

That copy sucks.

That copy is awesome.

I cannot possibly think of one more synonym for “fresh.”

Wait! That could totally…nope. Nope, that’s bad. That’s not even English.

 What’s funnier? Penguins or Guinea Pigs?

Oh shoot. I forgot about ferrets. Ferrets are always funny.

How much does blogging pay again?
Wait a minute…

Oh, hey. That works.

26 thoughts on “The way to a writer’s head is through her face”

  1. Ha! I love it! I'm very expressive no matter what I'm doing. My sister always made fun of the face I make when eating. Apparently, I take my food very seriously.

  2. Penguins. Definitely Penguins.

    Also! Your blog is appearing lovely for me today. No more column overlap! Hooray!

  3. Guinea Pigs. Just look at the word. They're furry rodents we call pigs!

    What could be funnier than that?

  4. omigosh yes. who needs words anyway when we can just read your face? (i am the same. and i could never give up words.)

  5. You haven't lived until you have slipped a ferret inside a sleeping bag. Good for hours of entertainment.

  6. Nothing's funnier than ferrets. Or Liz Gumbinner.

    I read my copy out loud. My family finally realizes I am not talking to them.

  7. I loved the disclaimer 🙂

    I love when I finally “hit” on what you want to say and it flows out and I have the biggest geekiest smile on my face!

  8. I think your writing faces are awesome. Seriously. They show that you're involved with what you're doing. That matters most of all, I say.

  9. The third to last shot cracked me up because I just know that's how I look half the time.

    But the last one is the best. 🙂

  10. I love it. I have become aware of my own weird writing faces lately–I should videotape myself just so I can see how goofy I look. And as a magazine writer I am so with you on “fresh”–I've come to hate that word myself, because all ideas must be FRESH FRESH FRESH! (Even if it is just another way to say “walk off the weight”.)

  11. LOVE THIS! I do the same thing & Husband makes fun of me all. the. time. I'll be sitting on the couch, making all kinds of faces at my computer and he's just watching me like I'm a crazy person. Super!

  12. Ha! One of my graduate professors actually laughted at me once while I was writing an essay exam. She said I was an “animated writer”

  13. I so love this! I, however, don't just make faces…I talk to my laptop or my paper. I'll argue with it. “Why doesn't this sentence work? How many more ways can I say this? Should I use a comma or a semi-colon? Yikes–I used that word again!!!” It drives my kids crazy. It used to drive my co-workers crazy…they'd eventually come by and close my office door on me.

    I just claim I do it because I'm passionate about my work. 🙂

  14. Besides the faces…I talk to myself…and I usually answer back, plus I make a lot of hand gestures. Then sometimes, but very rarely…I cry. Typing though my tears. I am glad I write alone…at home

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