Dropping one ball in the juggle

Okay so I have an excuse for getting Sage’s pick up time at preschool wrong yesterday. I have an excuse for leaving her sitting there with the teacher (even though she swore it was okay) on the second day of class while the other kids came and left (she did swear it was okay) and sat and sat (she said it was okay, what!) and read books and really, generally was fine.

Yesterday I launched a new website. Well, we launched a new website, the we being the Cool Mom Picks team plus the genius Beth Blecherman of TechMamas.  It’s called Cool Mom Tech. And I think it’s going to be awesome.

So yeah, I was a little distracted yesterday. Enough to leave my 3 year-old sitting alone with the teacher (even though she swore it was okay) for an hour until my sitter came.

I hope you like the site. It was built with a lot of love, a lot of hard work, and, as with all endeavors, a bit of mommy guilt.


11 thoughts on “Dropping one ball in the juggle”

  1. I know it is totally pathetic, but, when other people make mistakes like this, it totally makes me feel better about things. Like the fact that my kid has worn Crocs or boots to school the entire last week, because we forgot his shoes over at a friend's…. a friend who lives far away. The tales of my parental ineptitude are legion. Yours pale in comparison! (Finally, something I am good at — ineptitude!)

  2. Nope, just a picture Rachele – although that's a good idea.

    See, now you know why I work with Beth!

  3. Dude, I've extended congrats elsewhere but congrats again.

    And also, I was left sitting on the curb after Saturday violin class regularly for about an hour until my mom finished with church — probably for 3 months straight. I came out OK. Or so I like to think. 🙂

  4. An HOUR??! Oy vey. Good thing that is one awesome website. High five. Or i-pod bump. Or clink your martini glass.

    (Just one comment? Please oh please can you have links open in a new window? When you have a great article with multiple links to various products, I hate losing the cool mom landing page.)

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