How to be an amazing Grandma: A lesson in 2 emails

Hi Grandma and Papa,

I’m feeling a little bit better. I’m doing nothing. I’m cuddling with mommy.

I watched a movie called Ponyo. It was about a girl named Ponyo and she was a fish and she was a girl. And I watched a movie and I don’t remember its name (The Neverending Story) and I couldn’t watch the whole thing because Sage didn’t like it.

I went to the Yankee Fair a little time and I got a really good treat. It was fun there. I said something that is really funny: Good thing I did nothing at the Yankee Fair. That’s just a little joke.

We made Mommy a funny face. We putted too much makeup on her. It was really funny. Mommy put makeup on me and Sage and we looked pretty. Even though Mom looked a little funny. She had too much eyeshadow on her. And it made her pretty funny.

I’m having a good time at school. Even though on Saturdays and Sundays I don’t go to school. Some people say they won’t like school, some people say they don’t like school, and some people say they do.

I love you. I hope I see you soon.



Hi Thalia,

We just finished eating dinner. Grandma thought she was a turtle. She only ate green vegetables and a little rice. She ate spinach and lettuce and red peppers and corn and sweet potatoes. Papa ate some meat. He thought he was a bear! Then we listened to a DVD by Willie Nelson, Grandma’s favorite singer. Did you know that your mom asked Willie Nelson to autograph a picture of himself for her? We will show it to you the next time you are here. Papa even asked Grandma to dance when they heard a special song. They were dancing all around the house. It was so funny. Sometimes Grandma was the leader. Sometimes Papa was.

We wish you had taken a picture of your mom in her makeup. Maybe next Halloween you can put make up on her to go trick or treating. Then all of the people will say, “Thalia and Sage, you should open a beauty salon.”

We are so glad that you like school. Grandma and Papa liked school so much that we both became teachers.  We are the kids who always liked school. Once Grandma got in trouble because she was talking when the teacher said, “Shhhh. No talking, children.” She had to stand outside in the hallway. She was so embarrassed that she started to cry. The first word Grandma learned to read was THE. She found the word in one of Momsie‘s books and felt so grown up, because she could read the word all by herself. Papa’s mom and dad read to him every night, just like your mom does. His favorite books were The Wind in the Willows and Winnie the Pooh. Reading is so much fun because now we can send each other emails and tell each other what we are doing.

When you feel better Papa will take you on a ride in the wheelbarrow filled with straw and Grandma will teach you how to use the sewing machine. Maybe we can make a special present for your mom since she is such a good sport for letting you put make up on her.

We are glad you are teaching Sage some important lessons like how to draw noses on people’s faces and how to be very kind to animals. She is so lucky to have a sister like you. And we are jumping for joy to have a granddaughter like you.

We hope you have very pleasant dreams tonight. We will call you tomorrow to see how you are feeling.

XXXXOOOOO Hugs and kisses,
Grandma and Papa


26 thoughts on “How to be an amazing Grandma: A lesson in 2 emails”

  1. This is awesome. It makes me wish that my MIL would use email. Also I think we should dig out the email account I setup for the kiddo and let her start dictating things to my mom.

  2. So sweet. I get emails from my mom all day when I'm at work, about what the kids are up to when she is babysitting. The emails are always funny and make me laugh. I know every time my boys go pee, how much water they had to drink, how much food they ate, exactly what they're doing every single second of the day. Her emails always end the same sweet way, too:

    WHEN ARE YOU COMING HOME??????????????????



    (I blogged about this of course. Her emails are priceless!)

  3. I love it!

    My girls' Grandma is a lot like Thalia and Sage's, and I don't take that for granted for a second. My girls (and I) are blessed to have a wonderful Grandma in their lives.

  4. Man I hope I'm a cool Grandparent like that (if my kids live that long. :/ curious little buggers) That was very very cute.

  5. Now I'm teary eyed! Not that it takes much these days, but that is just incredibly sweet. Both emails are adorable!

  6. Em saves all the emails she gets when she is away at summer camp. Yep – they don't do letters anymore, we send emails.

    Nonetheless, the habit of simply writing to people you love and having them write back is such a precious gift.

    Although, I must confess – I have a handwritten letter from my Grandmother. I love seeing her beautiful script on the paper.

  7. I am such a sucker for sweet grandparent relationships. Probably because I didn't have that, but my kids do. I love this.

  8. Aawwww! Wish we could give them our email – they rock! Those are two lucky girls to get correspondence like that!

  9. Thanks for making me cry at work (almost the 2nd time, 'cuz your post about more time, which I read first 'cuz I missed a few days of posts, so brilliantly described working parents and our time, and I loved the questions you ask your girls). I can't wait to do that w/my folks, don't know why I hadn't thought of it yet, my 5 yo would probably love to help type it. I'd have to spell check most of course, but she'd be happy to type “the.” 🙂 And I've got the run-on sentence things she does so well (hmmm, did she get that from someone?). Love this post!

  10. Love this – this is how you grow writers and communicators from my way of thinking. I can't wait until my kids can email my mom!

  11. i am SO getting on my mom again about learning how to email after this. those letter/emails are adorable!

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