The Top 10 All Time Best Bloggers in the History of the World

Once again, I am presented with a conflict.

I am so beyond overjoyed (overjoyed!) at making this year’s Babble’s Top 50 Mom Blogs List. To find that writers I respect have seen fit to include me on a list of the best-written mom blogs of all things, along with people I worship from afar (and sometimes a-near) is so humbling and gratifying and freaky and great. And, other better adjectives I might have in my grasp, should I be number 1 or number 2, and not number 8.

(Seriously, I bet Lisa Belkin never calls things “freaky and great.”)

But as with last year, when I end up on a list, I feel a little uncomfortable too. Because while those 50 bloggers are indeed all fantastic bloggers, that doesn’t mean that other bloggers aren’t fantastic too. Magnificent even.

As I said in this blogher interviewI can’t judge success based on how many lists I get on; if I did I’d have to look at all the lists I’m not on and jump out a window. This is a very list-happy world we live in!

Still, everyone deserves to be on a list. It makes your mom happy and looks good on LinkedIn.

So here is a new one:

Mom-101’s 470 Top 10 All Time Best Bloggers in the History of the World. 

This is, I think, the coolest top 10 list of all time. Because the trick is, there can actually be 470 bloggers on it. Why did no one ever think of this before? So simple! So great!

I was inspired by Yvonne of Joy Unexpected, who is indeed one of the Top 10 All Time Best Bloggers in the History of the World and deserves this badge first and foremost. But there is room for more! Anyone else who wants to put this badge on your blog (or give it to a friend who deserves it) should just go right ahead, and feel good about it too. As long as you’re not number 471. In which case…no soup for you. Need to be quicker around these parts, Missy.

Here’s the code (if I didn’t mess it up).

 In all seriousness, who are the bloggers you love who deserve to be on some top 10 lists? Let’s give them some love.


70 thoughts on “The Top 10 All Time Best Bloggers in the History of the World”

  1. Flurrious
    Makes me die laughing

    No one can do stream-of-consciousness better

    My favorite guy blogger

    Doves Today
    She got turned into a blogger when Bossy visited…and she's great

    Fluid Pudding
    Like a great cozy sweater, plus with the funny

    One of my best pals and a great writer to boot

  2. Great post – and badge. And while I love so many of the bloggers on Babble's list, I feel like some you should be moved up to a Blogger Hall of Fame so that some other people can be put on there. I love,,, to start.

  3. It doesn't really matter who is on that list as long as Yvonne is on it. I have mad, mad love for that lovely lady

  4. I'm going to switch up the usual cliche and say “I can't. It's like picking a favorite mom.” However, I am putting myself on the “is added to Twitter mom lists because people think she is a mom” list.

    I need a badge that says “My best friend is a Babble Top 50 Mom. Ridin' @goonsquadsarah's coattails since 2008.” She'd probably make it for me.

    (And make no mistake, I'm pleased as punch — whatever that means — that she's on it. About damn time she was on that list I said didn't matter last year. ;))

    I really should read Babble sometime and see what they actually say besides lists, eh?

    xo your way, Liz.

  5. Who should be on the list?

    Um me of course. I mean like duh. If you don't believe in yourself who will?


    And I guess…these other people deserve a little nod or two 🙂

    Baby Rabies
    Nice Girl Notes
    Motherhood in NYC
    My Bottles Up
    Harpers Happenings

  6. I don't understand why dad bloggers were left out of the Babble list.

    At least the 470 will include all bloggers, so there's that. : )

  7. Lord I am tired, I meant Babble should have had a list of dads too.

    I also feel parenting isn't just something we do, it is also something that is done to us.

    I'm just happy to see Liz go for an model of inclusivity. Brava!

  8. I love these kinds of posts, where everyone names great bloggers that are a little less well-known.

    I second the nomination for Julia at Here Be Hippogriffs.

    I love mommy blogs as much as the next single, childless woman, but I wish there was a similarly strong community for non-mommy bloggers. Because I would so rule it.

    I nominate me:

  9. C-Girl, if we're talking about the 470 10 best bloggers, there's plenty of room for non-moms. Heck, Laurie White beat you to it.

    These ideas are all awesome. So excited to check out great new voices.

    And TripleZMom, I love the idea of a new bloggers category – Babble should get right on that.

  10. I'm happy living in my blissful little momtrends bubble. We plug along doing good work and that is reward enough–plus I get to work from home. This job rocks far too much to worry about rankings. Having a very zen day.

  11. Oh this is so wonderful! I added it to my blog ( and I feel so proud of myself for doing nothing other than cutting and pasting! Thank you, Liz – for your generosity of spirit, and excellent badge-making skillz. Your rank in any Top 10 list is so well-deserved!

  12. Oh yeah, I totally added it to my page. I love it. All inclusive.If you don;t already know these ladies, you shoudl stop by and check them out:)Happy Mothering!

    Aunt Becky:

    Truthful Mommy:







  13. Yes, once again the fellas (except Jim at Sweet Juniper) are left out in the cold, huddling together like Emperor penguins on an ice floe. (Thanks for the shout-out, Devra!)

    Here are some great dadblogs:
    Pacing the Panic Room
    Beta Dad
    Father Muskrat
    Clark Kent's Lunchbox
    Backpacking Dad
    Rude Cactus

    As well as the groupblogs DadCentric and DadWagon.

  14. Well, Tamis as Attack of the Redneck Mommy made Babble's list and deservedly so. I also love The Bloggess. (And Mom 101!) I would love to see my own blog on your list, but don't feel worthy of such great company yet.

    So for a new nomination I vote for Is There Any Mommy Out There? which is thoughtful, funny, and brilliant.

  15. I'd like to add two phenomenal moms bloggers (not yet mentioned above, I don't think), who write in a full range of emotions (and in one post!): Reluctant Memsahib and Crib Chronicles

    You always win with such grace. Thanks for the way you are so generous with your blog love.

  16. A few people here have mentioned Any Mommy Out There….I read many blogs and hers is always my favorite for a million different reasons. Mostly, I love her because she seems to be exactly like me, yet far more eloquent at conveying her thoughts and feelings.

  17. i like and and also,

  18. You and Girls Gone Child were the first two mom blogs I read and I love you both to this day. That was years ago!
    Okay… I'd LOVE to be on this list!
    Pretty much everyone else has mentioned all the other blogs I love, too. But there are so many, so many great parenting and mom blogs and blogs in general out there, I hate 'lists' for this reason.

  19. You and Girls Gone Child were the first two mom blogs I read and I love you both to this day. That was years ago!
    Okay… I'd LOVE to be on this list!
    Pretty much everyone else has mentioned all the other blogs I love, too. But there are so many, so many great parenting and mom blogs and blogs in general out there, I hate 'lists' for this reason.

  20. This is great, Liz! I love it! And congratulations on making Babble's list.

    Seriously, lists and awards, awards and lists. We make some, we don't make others. I'm over it and I'm sure you know exactly what I mean. I'm surprised and happy to find out I'm on one, I'm … if I'm not. I'm still helping my daughter do her homework and trying to get my son to poop in the potty regardless of what's happening on the Internet today, you know? 🙂

    However, this is a fun opportunity to name bloggers we love, so for those looking for great reading, I HIGHLY recommend:– HILARIOUS.– Seriously great writer.

    They both happen to live in Nashville, which is how I found them at all. But I think they should both be MAJOR PLAYERS in the mommyblogosphere and I have no doubt that it is in their cards.

  21. Love the badge, the inclusivity (is that even a word? If not, it totally should be)…but most of all I am over here all starry-eyed because you commented on my blog. I've been reading you since the very beginning, and am so happy you stopped by. And as if that's not dorky enough, I will end with an emoticon.

  22. You know who's wonderful?
    And they way you are doing this makes a person feel all good inside, even from a small colorless cubicle. So nice to reach a hand back to pull the next person up the ladder, instead of stepping on their fingers or pretending they're not there.

  23. you make me smile. 🙂 love it

    and for some reason, the fact that my word ver is Supsy… seems perfect.

  24. Is it so lame to nominate myself? i'm probably too late. Probably #471. It's okay. I'm used to it (case in point: didn't make Babble's top 50 mom food bloggers this year, but they hired me as a staff blogger. Think the top 50 turned down the gig before they came to me?).

    I'd also love to nominate the smart, sassy ladies at ad hoc MOM:

    And the brilliant, fun and to the point Eensies. Rebecca just posted for the first time in almost a year. Here's to hoping she has time to get back at it. But, even if not, any parent will love going through what's there already.

    There are many more. Haven't had enough coffee to list them all, though. (Maybe that's what happened when the Babble editors left me off of their list? Yes. Not enough coffee. That's the explanation!)

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