Katie Couric, Tiger Mom, and…wow. Me.

This week I experienced one of the most awesome 33 minutes of my life so far. (What? Childbirth is painful and I’ve yet to have a wedding.) I had the honor of talking with Katie Couric and Ashley Merryman, the co-author of Nurtureshock, about about some of today’s hot parenting topics. It’s live on Katie’s CBS News webshow, @katiecouric, or you can watch it on Cool Mom Picks until I can figure out how to embed it properly.

Some of you might recognize the story of the star chart. And hey! I got to mention all of you and your super smart comments on my post about talking to kids about race which totally influenced how we talk about it around here. (And which lead Ashley to say to me offhandedly, “So uh…I saw in your comments that you were badgered into reading my book by your readers…”)

I’d love to know what you all think about some of these topics. Are there too many experts out there? Is it possible that parenting”instincts” are often learned behaviors? How do you know the right thing to do with your kids? And did Amy Chua maybe have a point?

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