Around the blogosphere in 80 minutes.

Last night I did something I haven’t done in the longest time: I read blogs.

Long gone are the days I used to read–and comment on–upwards of 50 or 100 blogs a day. My Google reader has been unread for months. But for one night, at my mom’s where everyone sleeps early, I put down the work, logged out of Facebook, ignored whatever Nate had on the TV, and clicked. Like it was a big slice of illicit chocolate cake. Like it was a glass of cognac after the kids were in bed.

Kind of sad in a way.

And yet, as I read, it was like that little meter in the top left corner of my soul filled up–the one that looks like an energy meter in some XBox action game.

Here’s just some of what I experienced, if you feel like some making some discoveries of your own:

Motherhood Uncensored makes me laugh as always.

The Bloggess is my PR-eschewing hero.

Her Bad Mother alerts me to the ridiculous controversy du jour

Woulda Coulda Shoulda moves me deeply

City Mama shows off her new baby.

Finslippy gives conference-going advice as a reluctant conference-goer in her very Flinslippy way.

Laid Off Dad may be laid off, but demonstrates again that he’s a full time, very committed dad. 

Giirls Gone Child is having twins. Twins!

Gretchen Rubin admits to not taking her own best advice, thus making me feel better about sucking at some things. 

The Happiest Mom makes me want to be a better mom.

Suebob makes me want to go to Costa Rica.

Chookooloonks makes me want to stop taking photos on my iPhone

Fussy reminds me why I adore her writing.

Motherhood in NYC saves me from having to buy an US Weekly.

Unruly Helpmeet perverts leeks. Yes, pervert as a verb. Makes sense if you know her writing.

Fairly Oddmother‘s kids kicked science fair butt.

Amalah is having a rough time

Yummy Mummy‘s photo of her daughter and a butter popsicle looked unfortunately familiar.

Dusty Earth Mother brings you back to 1979.

Citizen of the Month scores with a great Bye Bye Birdie reference.

Whoorl broke my heart.


14 thoughts on “Around the blogosphere in 80 minutes.”

  1. …and joining the chorus of those who don't read blogs as much as they should and want to kiss the feet of people who read and comment on their own blog, I would like to add that I'm so glad you stopped by on the ONE DAY that I was turning harmless vegetables into towering green wieners.

  2. Funny – you hear all the time that people aren't “reading” and that literacy is on the wane…but you know? There is a LOT of good writing out there (in here?) and LOTS of people reading. Thanks for the list – some of these wonderwriters I know already, but some I don't.

  3. I, too, am a huge fan of The Bloggess. She is my difficult day detox. As for the rest, I am definitely going to check them out. Thanks for the suggestions!

  4. I, like you, have felt that I have been seriously lacking in the time to spend reading and commenting on others. Not even to speak of ignoring my own blog. 🙁

    Glad you found a way to get out and reconnect!

  5. So many great blogs, I've checked most of them out already but I'll have to stop by the ones I haven't seen yet. Whoorl broke my heart too.

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