The top 10 things people would rather talk about than Klout

10. Fred Durst @helenjane

9. Dust bunnies @thejuliemarsh

8. Constipation, my rash, or the thing that the cat dragged in. @siohbhanconnally

7. Fermented cabbage @halushki

6. Fungus @waitinthevan

5. Hemorrhoids @dadonymous

4. Politics. And religion. Together. @c4shay

3. Those mom flaps under my arm @helenjane

2. Moist taints @mihow

1. Google+  @marinkanyc

File this one under: We will look back in five years and wonder what this post was about. Or you can read a post about Klout here. But hopefully that’s the last one.



33 thoughts on “The top 10 things people would rather talk about than Klout”

    1. I’ve read some good posts on it. And then some more. And then more. And then oh so many more. And then…enough already.

  1. I am really, really glad that I don’t have the brain cells to get into Klout or Google Plus or things like that.

    The one thing I do like a lot is stumble upon.

    Except for one spot of time this morning where out of nowhere I hit “show me my interests” and naked girls came up.

    Don’t know where that was filed under my interests.

  2. I can’t even stumble properly. On a whim, I signed up for Klout but it mostly makes me feel bad about myself like when I read magazines like Cosmopolitan.

    1. Are you supposed to be able to search things on Stumble? I’ve never quite figured that out.

      I’m going to make up my own Cosmo Quiz called “How much do you love Mocha Momma?” No one will be able to score beneath about a 94.

  3. I like Klout because it’s a good joke setup. “I gave Mom 101 a +K in Fred Durst on Klout.” That kind of thing. I don’t understand its value beyond that. I know Stumble Upon is supposed to be awesome, but every time I look at it, I want to read a book.

    1. Exactly what I was about to say. I’ve enjoyed people’s jokes about it more than I’ve actually found it useful.

  4. I’ve stumbled upon, haven’t tumblred, and don’t have any klout. What’s this about pinterest?

  5. Bwahahaha! I was amused/entertained by klout for about 2 seconds. And then it told me I was influential about sleep. Yeeeeeeah.

    1. I continue to be influential about Amy Winehouse. And I continue to be unable to name a single one of her songs.

    1. Pinterest is a fun thing.
      Stumble is a sharing thing.
      Klout is something else entirely. You’re not missing anything.

  6. Hm. I actually DO talk about hemorrhoids more than Klout. And those “mom flaps” aren’t just for moms. I’ve had mine for years.

  7. I didn’t mind Klout … until I realised I had Klout in margaritas.

    As a recovering alcoholic, Klout can kind of blow me.

  8. I don’t really get Klout. Except that it makes me feel like my blog sucks. Ahaha.

    Seriously, though. I’m kinda narrow minded when it comes to social networking. Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, the end.

    1. The thing is…it doesn’t evaluate your blog. It evaluates how often you use twitter. So if you’re dedicating your time on blogging well, and not on yapping mindlessly on Twitter, you could conceivably be penalized. Gah!

  9. Thank you for this and linking to the other post! Im new to the world of blogging and was starting to worry that I wasn’t cool enough! I guess I still might not be that cool but at least I don’t have to worry anymore.

  10. How about the mad +k ‘s that I got yesterday from people hoping I would give them a boost in return? People I never heard of or talk to?

    I keep trying w stumble and I am a google + dropout…will stick to what I know because my family is not going to tolerate more social media ..

    Btw — looking for a good book? Just finished ‘some girls’

  11. thank you…I just laughed OUT LOUD at numbers 10 and 2 and then did a quick cough thing to cover it up so no one would know I was enjoying myself at work

  12. couldn’t agree more. not interested in klout. i get it more than stumble… i think… maybe. ugh. that all said, fermented cabbage just isn’t fair. um, who wouldn’t prefer to talk about kimchi than most topics? nobody i need to listen to, that’s who!

  13. OK. I had never heard of Klout until now. I read your post. I immediately have an unquenchable thirst to know what I have Klout it. What a nightmare. I will not check. I will NOT CHECK. I don’t care. I would rather look at Google Images of the Herpes virus. I am so angry that this exists. I get it. I GET IT, but I don’t want it. I don’t want it at all. Remember when I was little and I rode my bike places and didn’t have a cel-phone? I can’t.

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