Eat your heart out Madonna

This is what happens when Grandma buys a karaoke machine. (And no, I never thought I’d utter those words together in one sentence.)

Don’t worry, she wasn’t actually singing Madonna. It was probably Twinkle Twinkle.


16 thoughts on “Eat your heart out Madonna”

  1. First of all, she’s gorgeous.

    And yet, all I can think is, “Too bad her shirt isn’t made out of a Swiffer cloth. But then, we played Cinderella today and my girls washed our baseboards.

  2. I bought a karaoke machine almost 15 years ago. I love it. I learned to sing on it. Maybe she’ll be the next Lady Gaga…Madonna is way old school! Okay…yeah…I’m from that era too.

    She’s adorable!

  3. So adorable! I wish we had a photo of Grandma on the karaoke machine too. 😛 (Well, you did say she bought it. I guess that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s using it? Haha.)
    Loved it when you said “Sh, don’t tell anyone..we just “say” it’s for the kids.” That one cracked me up!

  4. That sweet little belly peeking out! So cute.

    We bought Girl a PaperJamz microphone for Christmas, and after about 20 minutes Hubs said, “Great idea, Karen. Thanks.” (Note sarcasm.)

    1. Yep, the reason my 4 year old knows all the words to Invincible…Paper Jamz. But boy they’re cute singing.

  5. That is very cute! Once upon a time, loooong before I had kids of my own, I purchased a karaoke machine for my niece for Christmas. My sister glared at me and asked, “What did I ever do to YOU?” And then she said, “You’ll pay for this someday.”

    Flash forward 15 years or so, and guess what my kids got for Xmas this year?

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